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Played This Week

March 27, 2009

As part of our Friday plan, I’ve got some brief words about a couple of things that I listened to this past week:

An HorseRearrange Beds: This album is kind of the same song ten times, but it’s a good song. Catchy stuff, lots of sing-along melodies. This record is probably everywhere by now.

MSTRKRFT, Fist of God: A step down. There are a couple of good tracks on it, but some stupid ones as well. Unfortunately, the good stuff comprises the smaller portion of the whole. The collaborations don’t do much for it at all. There are a couple of moments that point to what these guys could be doing, and a couple that are on par with the first album, but most of it is just forgettable repetition. 

Faunts, Feel. Love. Thinking. Of.: I thought briefly about writing a review for this one, but, really, “it’s good” is all I can say. Not amazing, you’ve probably heard stuff like this this plenty of times before, but, it’s not bad for what it is.

Eric’s Trip, Gordon Street Haunting: I hadn’t heard this one until recently.

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  1. March 28, 2009 9:01 am

    What’s the deal with The Gordon Street Haunting? I don’t know that one.

  2. passerine songs permalink*
    March 28, 2009 12:20 pm

    It was a seven-inch that came out the same year as Forever Again. The Sub Pop site says it was also on CD:

  3. March 29, 2009 2:12 pm

    Am listening now. This has a studio version of “You’re Always Right,” which I believe is the track VKNGS are contributing to the ET tribute CD coming out next month. I’d only ever heard the version on The Eric’s Trip Show. Good find!

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