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Relevant To Your Interests #001

April 2, 2009

O HAI. Here are some recent stories and links which may be relevant to your interests. I’ve been slacking recently so a lot of these are old by internet standards.

  • Young Widows are a band I like a lot. Here are some photos of them playing at SxSW the other week.
  • Our friends Hospital Grade from Saint John put out a great record last year called Secrets and Sawdust. It got a glowing review in Exclaim this week. You can get the album from CD Baby, Amazon, or iTunes.
  • British parents: scared of emo.
  • There’s not going to be an Iggy Pop movie, at least not as long as Iggy’s alive. He’s still working on a jazz album, though. Oh, Iggy, you’ll surely bury us all.
  • This photo gallery of American hardcore bands and fans from the 1980’s is pretty boss.

    Anthony Pappalardo and co-author and art director Nathan Nedorostek have compiled the book “Radio Silence/A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music.” An accompanying photo exhibit, “Radio Silence/Selected Photography,” comes to the Fourth Wall Project in Boston on Feb. 7, and the black-and-white images suit hardcore’s gritty aesthetic well.

    Hardcore music emerged just after the first wave of punk rock in the late 1970s. American punk kids who loved the speed and attitude of punk took hold of its spirit, got rid of the “live fast, die young” mind-set and made a brilliant revision: hardcore. The dividing line between punk and hardcore music was in the delivery: less pretense, less melody, and more aggression…

    Radio Silence documents the ignored space between the Ramones and Nirvana through the words and images of the pre-Internet era where this community built on do-it-yourself ethics thrived. Authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo have cataloged private collections of unseen images, personal letters, original artwork, and various ephemera from the hardcore scene circa 1978-1993. Unseen photos lay next to hand-made t-shirts and original artwork brought to life by the words of their creators and fans. Radio Silence includes over 500 images of unseen photographs, illustrations, rare records, t-shirts, and fanzines presented in a manner that abandons the aesthetic clichés normally employed to depict the genre and lets the subject matter speak for itself. Contributions by Jeff Nelson, Dave Smalley, Walter Schreifels, Cynthia Connolly, Pat Dubar, Gus Peña, Rusty Moore, and Gavin Ogelsby with an essay by Mark Owens.

  • Dog Day went to Toronto a little while ago and recorded a song with Rick White. While they were there, he shot a video of the band performing “You Won’t See Me On Sunday” from their forthcoming record. It’s in 3D! The video. Not the record. I assume.
  • Speaking of Eric’s Trip, the April issue of Exclaim came out this week and it features a timeline detailing the history of the Moncton quartet.
  • Carrie Brownstein discusses the way in which adolescent Carrie Brownstein learned about love from a slew of cheesy pops songs.
  • Continuum has announced the short list of albums which may receive the 33⅓ treatment. These include Dinosaur Jr.’s You’re Living All Over Me, Liz Phair’s Exile In Guyville, and Out of the Blue by ELO. Each batch of 33⅓ books needs its own Let’s Talk About Love, I guess.
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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    April 2, 2009 7:49 pm

    “Oh, Iggy, you’ll surely bury us all.” Quite right.

    Have you seen this? (Henry Rollins talking about trying to out-do Iggy Pop on stage…rock and roll madness ensues):

  2. April 3, 2009 8:56 am

    I hadn’t seen that footage before, but Trip has a boxed set of Henry Rollins spoken word stuff we used to listen to it in the car a lot, so I’ve heard that story before. Have you heard his bit about going to see Kiss?

    • passerine songs permalink*
      April 3, 2009 12:00 pm

      I haven’t heard the Kiss thing, no. Do tell. I have heard his bit about going to see Ted Nugent and Van Halen, that’s funny.

      • April 3, 2009 12:10 pm

        Did a quick search on YouTube and didn’t turn up anything. Basically he tells this, like, 45 minute story about going to see Kiss in LA on one of there many “final” tours b/c the guys in his band are Kiss fanatics. He says a bunch of funny shit about The Kiss Army and trailer parks and we now have a running joke about the scary people who sit in front of the apartment building across from ours wherein we refer to them as The Kiss Army. Hilarious! I’ll do a better internet search later and try to find it…

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