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The Mono Men + Superchunk

April 3, 2009

It’s kind of hard to do one of these every week because it’s not like I delete everything off my iPod and start fresh every Sunday, you know? Onward!

The Mono MenHave a Nice Day Motherfucker (1997)

The Mono Men were out and about in the American Pacific-Northwest in the early 90s, but they’ve got a lot more in common with The Supersuckers than Pearl Jam. The dude in the glasses runs famed garage rock label Estrus Records, as a matter of fact.

For fans of: goofy-looking dudes punching above their weight in terms of rock n’ roll badassery, Telecasters

SuperchunkLeaves in the Gutter EP (2009)


That shit leaked this week. It’s good. Ye of stricter-ethics-than-mine will need to wait until Tuesday to buy it for real, but your friends over at Merge are streaming the whole thing for a limited time.

For fans of: the 90s, NFA, Superchunk

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