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Saturday Videos – Songsmith Edition

April 11, 2009

While getting some Motörhead videos for yesterday’s post, I noticed one entitled “Ace of Spades – Songsmith Version,” which I clicked on and got this. Jarring. Then I noticed a bunch of other Songmith content in the related section, and started watching. Maybe you’ve already seen these things? Now, from what I understand, Microsoft Songsmith is a music program that generates melodies based on what you give it. You set a tempo, give it a vocal melody, and it generates backing music for you, or something like that. Of course, people have started to take the vocal tracks from classic songs and feed them into it, yielding bizarre, lifeless re-workings of songs we all know. Sometimes, they can be out of synch and pretty unlistenable, but some of them work, and are…well, probably glimpses of a future where machines rule the world:

Weezer’s “Buddy Holly

Roxanne” by The Police

Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger

And, being that this is the internet… .

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