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Relevant To Your Interests #003

April 16, 2009
  • The fine folks at Divorce Records have announced the final lineup and list of events for OBEY Convention 3 ( “a festival of free ideas in both music and art”) happening in Halifax next month. Highlights include an all ages show on Saturday night with METZ, VKNGS, and The Memories Attack, followed by another show at the Khyber with Tyvek, Black Feelings, Grand Trine, and The Stolen Minks, as well as an all ages CD release party on Sunday for Dog Day‘s new album Concentration.
  • The Got to Get Got will be in Saint John and Fredericton this weekend and I’m sofa king pumped to finally see them in the face. They appeared on Let’s Get Baked recently, too, where they made baked beans. I sure hate baked beans, but I like TGTGG.
  • Last Friday, Gordie Tufts of Backstreet Records Saint John fame hosted a show at his house with David R. Elliott, Babette Hayward, Clinton Charlton, and Penny Blacks. There is video of all four performers on CultureHub.
  • It must be spring in the Maritimes because well-past-their-prime and otherwise cringe-inducing concert announcements abound. Headliners you can see this summer include The Black Crowes, Live, A Simple Plan, Theory of a Deadman, Kiss, AC/DC, Our Lady Peace, and Chickenfoot. Yeah, I hadn’t heard of that one either. Apparently Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, and the drummer from Red Hot Chilli Peppers are involved. Really. Full disclosure: I’m somewhat tempted to go see AC/DC. But I’m not really into the idea of spending $100 + service fees + parking + food + everything else to spend the day with AC/DC fans, you know?
  • Speaking of shows and embarrassment, I heard through the grapevine that Monotonix‘s entire east coast tour originally scheduled for next month has now been cancelled, possibly due to bungling on the part of local promoters. Whoops!
  • PETA continues to baffle and alienate, this time by demanding the Pet Shop Boys change their name to Rescue Shelter Boys. What?
  • The Breeders have a new self-released EP coming out on Tuesday called Fate to Fatal. Rolling Stone has a sample mp3 and video on their site. Also? SQUEE!!
  • Longtime darling-of-the-underground Conor Oberst (aka: Bright Eyes) and his latest project The Mystic Valley Band are the subject of a new documentary entitled One of My Kind. You can download or stream the film for free.
  • Pearl Jam are reportedly assembling another documentary about themselves with the help of Singles and Almost Famous screenwriter Cameron Crowe.
  • In other Seattle band news, rumour has it Sunny Day Real Estate will reunite and tour with their original lineup.
  • Do you like lists? Here’s a (NSFW?) list of thirty controversial album covers you may have forgotten about. Conspicuously absent: Smell The Glove. What’s wrong with being sexy?
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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    April 16, 2009 2:00 pm

    Darcy at Divorce knows how it’s done. That festival has become a serious happening in only three years. I also see that you guys have some of those bands playing in F’ton? Black Feelings are super good.

    The Rescue Shelter Boys…oh dear. “While the two said they are ‘unable to agree’ to the request, they acknowledge it ‘raises an issue worth thinking about.'” That’s how you tell PETA to get the fuck out of here. Side note: I wonder how many times (if ever?) the Pet Shop Boys have played in the Maritimes?

    What’s wrong with being sexy, indeed. It’s 1982!

    • April 16, 2009 2:09 pm

      Yeah, we’ve been planning a show with METZ for a while and Black Feelings + Grand Trine were added to the bill last week. Tyvek could be involved as well, but right now we’re waiting to hear. Either way, that show’s gonna be redonkulous.

      OBEY wasn’t on my radar at all in the first two years, but I was living in Saint John and largely disinterested in music. I’m sure those things are unrelated. But yeah, this and Sappy Fest are like “the little festivals that could” out here. Good bands, good shows… good job, everyone.

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