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Peaches + Sunny Day Real Estate

April 17, 2009

PeachesI Feel Cream (2009)

peaches2Photo via Peaches’s MySpace
Hey, Peaches has a new record coming out next month! It leaked so I downloaded it. Remember how on her last one she had a lot of rock songs, with, like, guitars and stuff? I think Joan Jett was involved. Anyway. Less of that here, this is more of a straight-up dance record. It’s alright.

For fans of: dancing, potty mouth, mullets

Sunny Day Real EstateDiary (1993)

sdrePhoto via the band’s MySpace

Word came last week that this band is likely reuniting, so I figured it was probably time I remembered to steal one of their albums and give it a listen since a lot of people I admire and respect seem to like them. What I heard was similar to what people born after 1985 must hear when they listen to early Pearl Jam in a post-Nickleback context. UGH.

For fans of: “post-grunge,” every shitty high school emo band to put out a CD-R in the last fifteen years

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