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Relevant To Your Interests #004

April 23, 2009
  • As I mentioned last week, Halifax’s The Got to Get Got were in New Brunswick last weekend. Here’s a wee video from our friends at Serf City commemorating the Record Store Day ’09 happenings in Saint John, which includes some footage of the band playing on Germain Street in front of Backstreet Records.
  • Pop punks Tongan Death Grip have a new 7″ on the way and there’s a release party happening this Friday at the Bus Stop Theatre in Halifax. You can hear a track from the single on the House Party Records MySpace.
  • For a few hours this week some of us were overjoyed with the news that a new Pixies record would be released this June. But then it turned out to be a boxed set of the five (non-remastered) studio albums along with TBA “bonus material,” which will cost you $175 US for the “deluxe,” version and $450 for the “limited” edition. YA RLY.
  • This month’s Out magazine includes a feature interview with Peaches, where she says things like, “Yeah we can talk about electroclash because it’s a genre that died as soon as it became popular.”
  • Do you like free stuff? Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth have both released free preview tracks from their forthcoming albums. That’s “I Don’t Wanna Go There” and “Sacred Trickster,” respectively.
  • Green Day have announced a bunch of upcoming tour dates. I only mention this because 14 years ago Billie Joe showed us his bum from the stage at the Aitken Centre and City officials pomptly made it clear the band would never again be welcome in the City of Stately Elms. Aw.
  • Explosions In the Sky are ten! They’re doing a wee tour and stuff.
  • Why did Mika Miko leave Kill Rock Stars? They’re all ladies, so there was drama, right? No, not really.
  • Gavin McInnes explains the origins of punk rock for the benefit of his infant son. You didn’t really think it was a coincidence that Bowzer, The Fonze, and the Ramones all showed up around the same time, did you?
  • Coming to a gaming console near you this Christmas: Rock Band Legoland Edition
  • Flipper are releasing two new studio albums next month, featuring Krist Novoselic on bass.
  • The Coachella Festival happened in California last weekend. There are photos, photos, and more photos, including this one. 1,000 words, you guys.


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  1. Michael Parker permalink
    April 23, 2009 11:21 am

    Hi Mary!
    Thanks for linking to us. I love your blog – very nice indeed! Looks like you have been at it for quite a long time!

  2. passerine songs permalink*
    April 23, 2009 1:58 pm

    In the third Coachella photo link there: “Is it Antony, Robert Smith, or Meatloaf starring in Beetlejuice: The Musical?”

    • April 23, 2009 3:07 pm

      “And then an awesome, natty old man showed up to play that song from the Watchmen sex scene.”

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