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The First Aid Kit + Zen Face Punching

April 24, 2009

The First Aid KitStill Standing EP (2009)

I saw The First Aid Kit at the Capital last Saturday, whether they were sandwiched on the bill between The Trick and The Got to Get Got. I had no feeling about them before they played, though I’d looked at their MySpace, the songs didn’t leave much of an impression. I ended up really liking them live. Their music is synthy, anthemic, power-pop that made me think of what The Hold Steady would probably sound like if they were 10 years younger, lived in Halifax, and had more keyboards and no horns.

For fans of: summer anthems, urgency, “Springsteen dreams”

Various Artists – Asesinos (2007)

This is a mixtape of sorts made by the guy who runs Zen and the Art of Face Punching, a music blog I ran across a little while ago while attempting to determine the correct spelling of Clikatat Ikatowi (iTunes had entries for both “Clikitat” and “Clikatat,” so obviously this needed to be dealt with). He had posted an early demo recording of the band which I promptly snatched. Asesinos, meanwhile, is a compilation he made for a friend who wanted to hear “some more new punk.” It has Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Q and Not U, The Ergs!, Les Savy Fav, and lots of other goodies. You can download it here.

For fans of: punk rock, hardcore, songs you loved in high school but haven’t heard in a while

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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    April 24, 2009 6:13 pm

    What are “Springsteen dreams,” exactly?

    • April 25, 2009 12:51 pm

      I’m not sure, but it’s a lyric from The First Aid Kit.

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