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C’est Bon

May 2, 2009

One night last fall Matthew took me to Gus’ Pub in north end Halifax for a CKDU fundraiser where local bands covered their favourite Canadian rock classics. It was cleverly dubbed “Hoser Night” and everyone wore plaid flannel and touques despite the unusually warm September weather.

I was falling down drunk (as I’m apparently wont to be when I’m in the 902) so my memory of who did what is hazy. Someone did “Keep on Rocking in the Free World,” someone did, “Echo Beach,” someone did “The Log Driver’s Waltz,” and naturally someone trotted out the old chestnut of the Zit Remedy song from Degrassi Jr. High. Does that even have a name? And. Someone did “Sweet City Woman” by The Stampeders.

I was surprised to discover myself slurring along to every word, despite having never owned a copy of it. There are some songs that are so pervasive on Canadian classic rock radio, the CRTC may as well issue lyric sheets to elementary schools and and make you sing it every morning right after the national anthem. Here’s a whole bunch of songs like that for your Saturday evening listening pleasure.

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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    May 2, 2009 10:34 pm

    Yeah, that Stampeders tune is really familiar, but I don’t ever recall listening to it before.

    Is this the video you said (elsewhere online, and I can’t find it…) Moe Berg looks like a drama club chick from the early 90s in? Or, was that another one? Either way, hilarious.

    Edit: I’ve since found that other post. It was actually “Cigarette Dangles,” and “drama club chick from the 80s.”


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