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May 8, 2009

RideNowhere: A classic of its time. This record, along with a few others from the same time and label, now define the early 90s shoegaze sound. Ride had quite a bit of first-wave psychedelia and 60s pop influence going on, which made their gradual shift into a jangly Brit-pop band pretty seamless (one of the members even went on to play bass in Oasis after Ride split up in the mid 90s). Even though it’s got some of that hallmark hazy noisiness of the period, this record is quite a bit more jangly and softer than its contemporaries.

XTC – English Settlement: I got listening to this one a bunch while writing the article last week and am still on it. What a record. Originally two LPs of some of the most unique pop of its day, it still stands as one of the more impressive statements of the new wave. It also marks the beginning of a period of growth and exploration for XTC that yielded some more delightful records and established them as some of the greatest songwriters of their time.

Black SheepWolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The golden age of hip-hop found its expression in some great records in 1991. Dres and Mista Lawnge were a charismatic duo that hit it big with this, their debut, but sadly didn’t repeat the success. They had another record a couple of years later, but it didn’t do as well for whatever reason, and they were gone by the mid 90s. Dres has been active off and on throughout the years and put out a record under the Black Sheep name a couple of years ago, but the early Black Sheep records (particularly this first one) are from a very different time in hip-hop. Memories of grade seven here, and not really understanding what was being said.

That damn “Sweet City Woman” track from Mary’s last video post.

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