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May 18, 2009

Think About LifeFamily (Alien8, 2009)

The second LP from this Montréal outfit is full of dancey goodness. “Step into their rad imagination, they got the magic touch,” the Alien8 writeup states. Perhaps more so than their earlier singles and full-length, Family proves that statement, with its songs presented in a shinier pop sound that showcases the talent of the group in a new light, while still retaining their ramshackle energy.

Think About Life comes out of the same imagination (Graham Van Pelt) that the fairly well-known (but quite different) Miracle Fortress does, and Family has the same sort of bedroom genius production aesthetic that that project does, though it may be a bit closer to something like the Russian Futurists albums, with all the samples and cheap synth used to grand effect. There is some actual guitar and drumming mixed in here too, which give a great mix of electronic and not, and allow for extra bits of immediacy and funkiness to come through. It’s an infectious record, not just in terms of its exuberance, but also in terms of the melodies, both vocal and instrumental. There’s a good test for the record programmed into the very first track, actually, when, just over a minute in, right after the first chorus, the whole thing drags down mid-stride to a brief halt, simulating someone stopping the turntable. If, in that couple of seconds before it kicks in again, you find yourself going “ohhhh…what?,” it’s probably got you hooked, and the rest of the album likely won’t disappoint. It’s catchy, fun, very contemporary stuff.

You can check it out over at the Alien8 page.


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