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Stereo Freeze 5.19

May 19, 2009

Concerts you may have seen. Winnipeg, May, 2009.

Women, May 6th, Royal Albert Arms:

Women, one of the most promising new groups on the scene these days, played here in town on their way home from a recent North American tour. Although they seemed a bit tired and unenthused, their set was fantastic. They’ve been touring around quite a bit on their acclaimed debut since its release last year on Jagjaguwar, and they have the tunes from that record down to a workable science by this point, but they’re also playing some new stuff that sounds pretty righteous. They’ve been playing all over Europe and North America this past year, and people have been digging what they’re doing, which is good to see. Definitely a band to keep an eye on, and, from the sounds of it, their next record is going to be one to watch out for.


Lay Low, May 8th, Lo Pub:

Reykjavík singer/songwriter Lay Low played her first shows in Canada earlier this month as part of the Núna festival, an annual showcase of Icelandic music and visual art taking place in Winnipeg and some of the surrounding communities. Unfortunately, this particular show wasn’t much of a welcome for her. 

I’ll have to say that I assume she was really good, because I didn’t hear much of what she was doing. Nobody did, apart from maybe fifteen people at the very front of the club. The venue was full, and the bar chatter just drowned the music right out. Why the PA wasn’t up louder, and, ultimately, why they decided to have an acoustic show (an anticipated headliner of the festival, no less) in a crowded, noisy bar, which is not laid out well for shows on busy nights, are questions probably not worth asking at this point, but still. It was a shame because people who had gone just to see her ended up leaving while she was playing. Anyway, you may be hearing more of her bluesy country stylings in the future, as she’s becoming a bit of a sensation on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems.

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