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The OBEY Report, part the deuce

June 3, 2009

I wanted so badly to go to the zine/art fair at the North Street Church on Sunday afternoon. I’d seen photos of previous crafty events they’d had there which made me suspect there’d be some really cool stuff on offer from local artists along with merch from a lot of the bands in town, but it just wasn’t happening. Two nights of excessive drinking and insufficient sleep were taking their toll, so I opted for bacon-wrapped steak and eggs at the Crown Diner, lots of coffee, observing aggressive ducks at the Public Gardens, and power naps instead. Around dinner time we filled up on wings at the Oasis, started drinking again, and made it back up to the north end in time to see Dog Day take the stage at their vinyl-release party.

Dog Day are a close second for my favourite band in Halifax (and we’ve talked about them a lot around here). I’d heard Night Group last summer, and wasn’t sure what to make of it until I read a review which dubbed the band the heir-apparent to Eric’s Trip’s low-fi legacy. This seemed to let my brain contextualize the band so I could make sense what they’re doing. As well as the release party for the vinyl version of their new album Concentration, this show also served as the band’s tour kickoff, and I sure hope the rest of the country gets hip to them this time.

We beat a path around the corner to Gus’ for the official Obey after party with All Wound Up punk rock DJs, Rumours from St. John’s, locals Minivan Halen, and my third METZ show in as many nights. A man I’d never seen before accosted me while I was trying to order drinks and slurred demands as to where I’d obtained my Melvins tshirt. “The internet,” I said, fearing if I told him I’d seen the band in Boston the previous week he’d completely lose his shit and then I’d never get a goddamned beer. We settled in and started arguing about exactly which Gob song was crunching through the PA. Aside: it turned out to be “You’re Too Cool” from Too Late… No Friends, though nobody could produce that information at the time.

I missed Rumours‘ set because I was sitting at a table behind a pillar with a couple of ladies where we were gabbing about lady things like drunkenly ordering garlic fingers, then arguing with the delivery man, and how big purses are awesome for smuggling booze into shows.

I spent most of Minivan Halen‘s VLT-quarium set fearing for my life. If you’ve not been to Gus’ before, in the back there is a glassed-in room which houses the VLTs. I assume this is leftover from some less-than-total smoking ban which allowed it in bars as long as the smokers were adequately sequestered. Now that you can’t smoke indoors anywhere, any time, ever, it just lends the gamblers the look of a natural history museum exhibit. SEE the life-long residents of this neighbourhood in their natural habitat! MARVEL as they don’t find your moustache particularly funny, ironic, or otherwise noteworthy!

So I got in there and was kind of craning my neck around to see when Erica from The Stolen Minks says, “Mary! There’s a spot for you right here!” And I’m up front and it’s all good until a couple of dudes decide to start a mosh pit and trample a bunch of people who want no part of it in the process. Normally I’m not too bothered by this, but in a small space there’s nowhere to go and it’s scary for small people like me.

Right, so… the band. Minivan Halen (my favourite band name in Halifax right now, though it’s no Wankin Family) play hardcore at a breakneck speed with a screechy vocal accompaniment. If you liked Die Brücke, you’ll like this.

Then METZ played, thankfully on the main stage which meant far less chance of anyone (ME) being crushed. This was probably the best show of theirs I’d seen, but that could easily have had to do with how tipsy and therefore prone to “rocking out” I was. Whatever works, I guess, but I’m telling you I was moved, goddamn it.


Congratulations, Darcy and Darcy’s minions, you put together an overall fun convention. This thing is poised to challenge HPX for Halifax music festival dominance and I only wish I wasn’t bound by the laws of time and space so I could have gone to all of it.

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  1. leah permalink
    June 3, 2009 3:48 pm

    we are so ladylike.

    • June 3, 2009 4:11 pm

      I know, right? Between the cackling and the beer-swilling we’re ready for a débutante ball.

  2. passerine songs permalink*
    June 3, 2009 11:01 pm

    Wankin Family, I’d forgotten about that somehow.


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