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Relevant To Your Interests #12

June 25, 2009
  • Gunshy faves Dog Day are nearly finished their tour and roll into Fredericton at The Capital tonight. Please, please, please let this not be one of those summer nights where you can’t move for bodies on the patio but nobody is watching the band. Anyway. A week or two ago The National Post did a video profile of the band on their Ampersand blog. I know, right? It’s funny because they dis Spryfield. Anyway, check it out:
  • The Kennebecasis Valley’s popular cafe and venue Sessions has been evicted by their landlord who plans to bulldoze the building, (it is rumoured) in order to allow Sobey’s to expand. The owners said, “…the compensation we will be receiving is insufficient to allow us to relocate,” and thus they are closing for good.
  • The first (annual?) Fred Rock festival happened here in Fredericton over the weekend, wherein about 5,000 wet, muddy people watched Live and The Black Crowes rock out with their cocks out at a venue normally reserved for harness racing and agricultural exhibitions. Only in New Brunswick. Anyway, the neighbours are pissed the show ran until 11:30 instead of 11:00, and there’s all this drama on CBC Information Morning and in the stupid paper. Our friend Patrick also lives in the neighbourhood in question, and he has an interesting take on all this.
  • On Wednesday afternoon I got not one but two Facebook messages from a certain Fredericton all ages promoter advising me and around 430 others about a Halifax promoter who is apparently personally responsible for Ion Dissonance‘s decision to cancel their entire east coast tour. Something about the Halifax jazz festival and venues being double-booked? Anyway, both messages also included a link to the Halifax promoter’s personal Facebook profile, declared him “one of the biggest screw ups as a promoter this side of Montreal,” and encouraged recipients to “ruin his life” and “[t]ell him rude things and stuff.” OMFG, you guys!!!
  • Sleepless Nights have posted a collection of 14 demos and live tracks you can download for free via their blog.
  • Andrew W.K. got his own kids’ show on The Cartoon Network! It’s called Destroy Build Destroy and from what I can gather, Andrew W.K. and teams of kids break shit, build new shit out of the shit they broke, and then break it again. Brilliant!
  • Kate Moss may have single-handedly destroyed the new album by her boyfriend’s band The Kills. Whoops!
  • A while ago I told you about the iTunes session The Weakerthans recorded while on the tour with the Rolling Tundra Revue last spring. It’s finally out via iTunes this Tuesday!
  • Reunion news: Sunny Day Real Estate: it’s on; Soundgarden: it might be on; Hole: it’s on but nobody told the bass player; At The Drive-In: it’s not on and never was.
  • D.O.A. are touring Europe this summer and have a new video for their song “Police Brutality.”
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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    June 25, 2009 4:46 pm

    Enjoy the Dog Day show tonight y’all!

    • June 26, 2009 1:55 pm

      I was expecting DD to be more than a little road-worn, but they were terrific. The opening band were pretty bland but we only caught their last couple of songs. I thought they sounded like an amateur Arcade Fire, but Dan dubbed them “Tom Fun Jr.” They obviously have a lot of friends because the place was packed when we got there, but most everyone cleared out as soon as their set finished. DD started with about 10 people in the room, but by the end there was an ok-sized crowd and people were moving. Not bad, not bad.


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