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June 26, 2009

GrouperCover the Windows and the Walls: This limited-pressing 2007 record has just been re-issued. Originally a vinyl-only release, this record is a much sought-after entry in the Grouper discography, and is now available (limited-pressing again) for the first time on CD and digital formats, accompanied by a run of appositely lovely vinyl. This record preceded the most recent Grouper LP Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, and the two sound fairly akin, but this one is a bit more lo-fi, and there is a thicker background graininess to the songs, making them even hazier and more distant-sounding. No doubt the success of last year’s record had something to do with the re-issuing of this one, and it’s a good thing, as this is wonderful stuff, not to be missed.


My Bloody Valentine – Tremolo EP: Released a few months before the Loveless LP, this has a version of “To Here Knows When” and three non-album tracks. It’s pretty tough to track down in physical copy these days, but it’s worth the search (it is readily available in digital formats, of course). The version of “To Here Knows When” is really the same one that later appeared on the album, just with an added instrumental bit at the end, but the other three tunes, “Swallow,” “Honey Power,” and “Moon Song” offer a look into what the band were up to in 1990-91 while working away at Loveless. The title is pretty apt, this is some warbly stuff. Excellent though, it’s no wonder so many have tried to sound like this group.

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