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The Ghost of Mixtapes Past #002

July 1, 2009

Craig Pinhey sent us a mixtape he made in 1981. You might know Craig for his writing on pop culture, booze, and food for legitimate news sources, or from his segments as sommelier-in-residence on CBC Radio’s Shift. One time I told him via the internet that I thought he resembled Chuck Klosterman and he confessed he didn’t know who the hell I was talking about. Tee hee!

This is an old mixtape I found in my tape drawer. I made it May 25, 1981 (I wrote it neatly at the top!) so it definitely qualifies in terms of age. I only ever did one-sided mixtapes, as I recall. This one is Side A on a Maxell LN 90 (Noise reduction: check!) and Side B is DEVO’s quintessential Freedom Of Choice, with the tracks written in a cartoony font that I must have invented. Curiously I tacked on AC/DC’s Rocker to fill up SIde B. I never really liked Bon Scott!

I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones

My favourite Ramones album at the time was Road To Ruin. They were the first punk band that I adopted into my quickly growing record collection. Punk music never reached my high school ’til 1980. We were in the boonies.

Spirits In The Material World – The Police

Funny to see this here, since, in retrospect, I only really enjoy the first two Police records. Still, they were better than most of the music on the radio.

Around The Dial – The Kinks

Not being hip to 60’s music, I learned about the Kinks from their late 70’s early 80’s Punk/New Wave records.

Jimmy Jones – The Vapors

Most people know this British band from their semi-racist but still classic Turning Japanese, but I wanted to show that they have other good tunes…

Hey St. Peter – Flash ‘n’ The Pan

I liked the weird Aussie band for a short while. Just synthesizers and talking. Hard to believe this is the brother of the Youngs from AC/DC.

Talk Of The Town – The Pretenders

One of the best pop singles ever. Pretenders I and II are must-owns for any rock fan.

Remind Me To Smile – Gary Numan

I still listen to old Gary Numan. It reminds me of my teenage angst and pathetic non-existent lovelife at the time.

Back In Black – AC/DC

Maybe added as a reply to the Flash ‘n’ The Pan track? Who knows? I was obsessed with Back In Black for quite some time.

My Funny Valentine – Elvis Costello

I always preferred Elvis the Frank Sinatra styled crooner, and this is the best example. Hard to believe an “angry” New Wave artist recorded this classic jazz ballad in 1978/79.

Don’t Bother Me, I’m A Christian – The Monks

Odd British band very popular in Canada for some reason. Really a parody of punk/New Wave by two old guys from The Strawbs. I’m still trying to find a remaster of Suspended Animation (the album this came from). This was me expressing my anti-organized religion views. This song is not on YouTube, but here is a really good one called Love In Stereo about dating twins. Check out the other ones on YouTube. They were a really great pop band (don’t confuse with the Monks that were Americans in the military in Germany.)

Getting Through – The Cars

Still one of my favourite bands, but this is far from one of my favourite songs of theirs. Maybe it was nice and short? It is from my favourite album of theirs: Panorama.

Crash And Burn – April Wine

I still like April Wine and am not ashamed to admit it, probably due to their Maritime connections. Especially their early middle period. They were the first big show I saw, at 14 years old, at the Halifax Forum.

Insider – Tom Petty

I hate Stevie Nicks, so why did I put this little known duet on? I used to be a big Petty fan.

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