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July 10, 2009

PinbackAutumn of the Seraphs: Tight, catchy stuff. This record is really solid, in the same way its predecessor, 2004’s Summer in Abaddon was, and the two go together well. One remarkable thing about this group is that they craft great melodies but don’t necessarily use riffs foremost in doing so. They really know how to incorporate vocals into what they do, using melodic lines over unobtrusive staccato guitar and keyboard parts, allowing the vocals to become the main melodic focus of the songs most of the time. They’ve got a unique, recognisable sound going on.


Museum PiecesNor You, Nor You: A great record by an often-overlooked band. This was recorded quickly to be sold on tour, and to reflect their change in sound from the debut record. More rock and volume, less polish, and some really good songs, this EP shows the group as they were live, and has a different feel than their other recordings do. Of their three records this is the transitional one, sitting between the mellower, folkier Philadelphia, and City of Brotherly Love, which continued on with the sound of this record, but smoothed it out. Not much has been heard from these guys in the past couple of years, but they seem to still be active to some extent, so hopefully we’ll hear something more from them in the future.

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