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Relevant To Your Interests #014

July 16, 2009
  • The King Kahn & BBQ Show rolls into the Maritimes this weekend. Friday at Evolve, Saturday in Halifax, and Sunday in Moncton. Lock up your breasts, ladies. Or don’t.
  • If you follow Canadian music news at all, you probably already heard about Greg Ipp’s open letter to The Canadian Music Industry. Greg runs Unfamiliar Records out of Toronto where he puts out records by bands including Japandroids. In his letter he points out how frustrating it is when bands like Metric and MSTRKRFT continue to get large grants to make a couple of videos or play a couple of shows in the US, when a small label could stretch the same amount of money and put out records and send bands on tour for an entire year.

    The state of the Canadian music industry is at once great, and terrible. There are amazing independent labels working their asses off to put out solid music… But there is also this vast mass of well-funded mediocrity that dominates our Polaris Prize, that taints our Junos, and that completely blankets the MMVAs. Wouldn’t it be great if our grant system were there to allow the black sheep to shake things up? To supply the necessary funding that a well-deserving, if unknown talent needs in order to compete, without the help of an entity already known to the judges? The status quo is maligning our industry, and lining the pockets of those who are willing to play the game.

    This ties into a minor tiff we had a few weeks ago with the people who run the Polaris Prize and I think Scott’s gonna post a longer article about some of this later on, but in the mean time you should check out Greg’s letter and some of the discussions surrounding it.

  • South End Days are on in Saint John this weekend. There’s a BBQ, bingo, community yard sale, and (I assume) face painting for the kiddies. Our port city friends Penny Blacks, Clinton Charlton, and The Wooden Wives are playing a “teen dance” on Friday, which I believe means, “all ages show in a tent somewhere uptown.”
  • The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival organizers announced the 2009 lineup this week. Highlights include a lot of stuff your boss will be stoked about, Polaris nominees Joel Plaskett and Hey Rosetta!, two dudes who used to be in Parliament Funkadelic, and the usual Forward Music Group suspects. Ho hum. Really, though? I want Fredericton to have an awesome music festival worth getting excited about, and there are still a bunch of “To be announced” and “Special guest headliners” listed on the schedule, so they could very well pull it out at the last minute. Is there someone amazing booked into this thing already and I just missed it? Leave a comment and set me straight, please.
  • Is EMI abandoning independent record stores? No, not really.
  • Party enthusiast Andrew WK plays Halifax tonight.
  • Who’s the worst band on Warped Tour this year? Surely not Flipper. Exclaim TV asks around.
  • Here’s the trailer for a documentary Where Do We Go From Here about Detroit proto-punk band Death.
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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    July 17, 2009 12:56 pm

    “Is there someone amazing booked into this thing already and I just missed it?”

    Nope. Your boss will be stoked for sure though, the website says it’s their “strongest overall schedule in 19 years.”

    • July 17, 2009 1:09 pm

      Bloc Party played last year (the ticketing was a clusterfuck, I hear) and although I’m personally not into them, I thought it boded well for future years in terms of booking international bands who don’t necessarily fit the traditional “jazz and blues” format and who, you know, are making relevant music. Apparently not and it’s disappointing.

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