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July 17, 2009

This week I’ve been listening through vinyl that’s been in storage for the past year, so here’s some 45 action:

The Datsons – Thief in the Night 7″: The band that became The High Dials, circa 2001, just before they lost the name The Datsons to some other band who had money and lawyers enough to take it from them. They were The Datson 4 briefly before becoming The High Dials, and that’s the lineup I saw (and bought this record from) in 2002. On this record they were still a trio, though, like on the LP See!, from the year before. The sound here is in motion between the tight mod power pop of the LP and the more psychedelic flavour of works to come, and one can hear the beginnings of the High Dials sound in the wonderful cut “The Sound of Daisy Leaving.” Kind of an unknown record, but it’s still available from Ricochet, and certainly worth checking out.


Shearing PinxHaruspex EP: A deadly 2007 release on Divorce featuring three great, pounding cuts. The a-side, “Negaman,” is massive, and worth the listen alone, but it’s backed up on the b-side by two searing live recordings. Add on the awesome artwork by Cosmic Bubblegum (who also did the artwork for the East vs. West cassette and Be Bad’s Vision Correction, both out on Divorce the same year), and you’ve got a really excellent release, which is still available.


And, something new!:

Black Feelings / Blue Lions – Split 7″: New Montréal sounds on 45. Two groups, two songs. The Black Feelings cut is pulsing and trance-y, great, freaky stuff. They’re really happening, with a sound of their own, and hopefully more recordings will surface soon, people should hear this stuff. Blue Lions is Myles Broscoe from AIDS Wolf, doing some sparse guitar over top of electronics. Weird, mellow, not-quite-linear stuff that invites repeat listens. It’s a pressing the bands did themselves, so check their myspace pages for more information about getting a copy.

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