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Now Playing…at Dinner

July 25, 2009

Why no post yesterday? Gunshy dinner party!

JapandroidsPost-Nothing: The whole album played in the background and sounded good. Cool processing on the guitar, and lots of dual white boy vocal parts. Really catchy stuff, great melodies and energy going on, it’s easy to see why this is doing well.

Black Sabbath & Blondie – respective best of compilations: Actually, much of the evening was scored by Mary’s iPod with the genius setting on, building a playlist around “Slack Motherfucker,” but after it had done its thing, we got into the Sabbath. Can’t argue with that. Nor Blondie, for that matter. Discussed were: seventies rock (good and bad) and dancefloor gendering when Blondie tunes come on.

A portion of the night was also devoted to internet videos, of course. In particular the “[Band Name] Shreds” series. Dear oh dear, Creed, Santana, Ozzy, and more, made appearances. Top among the video selections, though, was this remix of the slap chop commercial, enjoy:

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