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August 3, 2009

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian QuesadaCoconut Rock (ESL, 2009)

We join up with this pair again on this, their third album, for more of their spacey, retro-vibe Latin funk. Since 2004, multi-instrumentalists Martín Perna and Adrian Quesada have been collaborating as Ocote Soul Sounds, turning out the best albums of 1970s Latin American funk fusion that the first decade of the 2000s has to offer.

Once again combining the sounds of various Latin woodwinds, percussion and vocalising with funk and afrobeat sounds, all filtered through sort of a hippyish hip-hop perspective, they’ve come up with another winner here. Coconut Rock is a confident, fun record which moves a bit away from their last, the very chill 2007 release The Alchemist Manifesto, with a more playful tone, evidenced throughout the artwork and the songs. None of the elements have changed much, really, as the sound palette is pretty much the same as on their other records, but the overall feel of this new one is a bit different, being a bit lighter and less fluttery and spacious throughout.

Again, they’ve attained a great mix of sounds and cultures, blending both old and new together in their unique sound. Another good record from these guys, with a few excellent tracks.

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