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Relevant To Your Interests #021

September 17, 2009
  • The Halifax Pop Explosion‘s full schedule is now available online for your perusal. Frankly, I’m pretty disappointed with the offerings and will probably skip it this year. Most of the bands I’m really interested in seeing are actually from Halifax (like Pig, The Got To Get Got, Dog Day, Tomcat Combat, Jenocide, The Memories Attack, The Stolen Minks, etc.), so it’s not really worth it for me to take time off work and pay ticket prices that reflect headliners I don’t care about. However, bands I just listed, you should totally go on tour!
  • Pavement to reunite next year? We’ve heard this before, but Pitchfork says it’s on for realz.
  • In other reunion news, Devo have (again) signed with Warner Brothers. We can look forward to reissues and a tour in early November.
  • Evan Dando knows the truth about 9/11. Ugh.
  • I’m really sick of hearing about Kanye West. Aren’t you?
  • The world we live in: is there something sinister about
  • John K. Samson from the Weakerthans is releasing a solo 7″ called City Route 85 on October 30th. It’s coming out via a European label, but will also be available as a download.
  • Merge Records is putting out a limited edition book of album artwork and photos of records called The Merge Records Companion: A Visual Discography of the First Twenty Years.

    This cd-sized volume contains photographs of every 7-inch, album, EP, and DVD (plus two cassettes!) put out by Merge in our first twenty years. For design fans, the three-hundred-plus photos chronicle the evolution of album cover design, from when cut-and-paste wasn’t just an “aesthetic”, but rather the only available production technique for bands (see early records from label founders’ own band, Superchunk, and Raleigh punk-pop outfit Erectus Monotone) to the sophisticated design of the consistently amazing Lambchop covers or the intricate constructions for the Arcade Fire’s ten releases on Merge.

    Plus, it’s for charity.

  • Every blog in the world (except this one) sent folks to All Tomorrow’s Parties NY last weekend, and most of them posted photos and/or videos. (here, here, and here), The Tripwire (here), and Street Carnage (here and here).


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  1. September 17, 2009 10:38 am

    But TGTGG and York Redoubt are playing the herohill showcase! You can’t be disappointed with that.

    • September 17, 2009 10:43 am

      No, not at all. I like TGTGG a lot, actually. The headliners this year just aren’t good enough to entice me to Halifax for several days. My dream HPX09 lineup would have involved Obits, The Thermals, or at least Fucked Up.

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