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September 18, 2009

The Flaming LipsEmbryonic: has been streaming the album in its entirety since the band performed on the Colbert Report earlier this week. There’s a video of them performing the lead-off track “Convinced of the Hex” on the site, and the album stream will remain up until next week, apparently. So, what’s it like? Pretty excellent from what can recalled after two listens. It’s heavy, with some really deep, hypnotic, bassy grooves and needles-in-the-red crunchiness. There’s a fair bit of instrumental stuff going on, too, and all kinds of shimmery Flaming Lips brilliance. It’s definitely going to be one to get hold of when it comes out next month.


All Skate Channel on iTunes: I poke around in the iTunes radio channels now and then, but haven’t ever found much worth sticking with. Many of the channels are unremarkable or just boring, but I recently discovered this one. It is what it says: skate jams from the seventies and eighties. Skate as in rollerskating. You can’t go wrong with this, it’s a constant mix of mostly (now) obscure electro-funk and disco cuts. It’s in the R&B section, if you’re looking to instigate an immediate dance party and get down on it.

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