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Stereo Freeze (Update) 9.22

September 22, 2009

Just briefly this time:

Still laying low here in Stereo Freeze territory, but posts will begin again after next week. There’ll be plenty to write about in the coming weeks, as starting tomorrow and running through the weekend is the Réttir, or Reykjavík Round-Up, a new music happening in town which attempts to gather as many local bands as possible (plus a few internationals) into a four day program. I’m sitting here tonight plotting a course through this thing, as there is a varied lot of groups playing at a handful of venues, and it’s going to take some planning to see all the interesting stuff. That report will be coming up next time, so stay tuned, it’ll be a fairly exclusive look at the current crop of Icelandic groups.

And then, in the middle of October, as I’ve mentioned here previously, the annual Iceland Airwaves festival is going on. There is a large lineup of artists, both Icelandic and international, and this event is the major music happening for this country each year. I’ll be reporting from the ground, so stay tuned for even more exclusive content here on Gunshy. And if all of that wasn’t enough, the week following the airwaves festival, I’ll be in Berlin to see Sonic Youth.

That’s it for now!

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