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Relevant To Your Interests #022

September 24, 2009
  • Saint John, NB has lost its primary live music venue. The owners of a khord finally confirmed what a lot of us already knew when they announced this week that the bar would be closing for good. Turnouts have been low for a while, profit margins are thin (or more accurately, non-existent) and it was only a matter of time. Saint John’s live (non-classic rock) music scene has been floundering for a couple of years now, and this feels like the last nail in the coffin. Our friend Adam was employed at a khord, did much of the booking, and is also a talented and prolific musician himself, playing in, like, seventeen local bands:

    I am very sad to see the bar go. I am out of a job, yes, which blows asshole, but more than that, the hard work and dedication of [owners] Andrea and Huey has now just dissolved away…

    What bugs me more than anything though… is what this means about the music community in Saint John. ie., there isn’t one. I would be either naive or a plain ol’ asshole if I expected that every person with an interest in local/independent music came out to every show. But fuck, people. If you want not just a specific business but the whole idea of a music venue in SJ to thrive (or even survive), you have to fucking give it your support. It ain’t cheap to run a place but you know what? It really isn’t hard to give any establishment like this some nominal amount of support, and if everyone who gave a shit (or purports to give one) actually came together as a community it would make a tremendous difference….

    I just feel so defeated. I don’t want to fucking play another show in Saint John ever again. I am helping out with show promotion and whatever else because I believe in the importance of live independent music and because I want to help out my friends but what does it even matter? I have seen time & time again that music fans (music community, scene support, whatever you want to call it) are dwindling in this city. Not to sound elitist (any more elitist than usual, that is), but the shows that were most successful at A Khord in my tenure there were populated by perhaps 20% music fans and 80% partygoers (Slowcoaster, JSB, RJATTB, etc– not to discount or discredit any of those bands, but absolutely to discount all of their crowds). Nobody cares. Fuck.

    So what’s next? Nobody seems to know yet. It sounds like some folks may start booking shows on the UNBSJ campus, which as good an idea as any. It sucks not having a venue in Saint John’s uptown — and a khord was a lovely but cavernous room — but I guess you gots to go where the kids are.

  • Fucked Up won the Polaris Prize! They’re going to use their winnings to make one music video record a charity Christmas album to help raise awareness about Canada’s missing Aboriginal women.
  • Halifax’s Jenocide has a new record out called Machines To Make Us Wet. You may know Jen Clarke from her role as “the girl in Windom Earle,” but her solo work is more along the lines of riot grrrl electroclash. There’s a CD release party happening at Gus’ on Saturday with support from A\V and Edmonton’s Hot Panda. You should go because I wish I could but can’t.
  • Speaking of A\V, Phil will be at Fredericton’s Capital on Friday night with our friend The Trick. That show should wash away any lingering residue from the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival last week. Updated: Rich Aucoin from Halifax is also on the bill. Check it out!
  • Carrie Brownstein likes The Boss, who turned 60 this week.
  • Ted Leo has signed a deal with Matador Records and will release a new album next year.
  • Merge is reissuing Neutral Milk Hotel‘s An Aeroplane Over the Sea! On 180-grahm vinyl! From what I can tell, that’s the only difference from the original pressing of this album! Let this be the kernel of a thousand more weird hippie bands with omnichords, xylophones, trombones, and didgeridoos! Note: I like the album and will probably buy this.
  • Leatherface will tour Canada next year. They’re putting out a new record via No Idea, the first since 2004’s Dog Disco.
  • Kanye West: pro wrestler?
  • Har Mar Superstar: still around. His new album will include a song rejected by Britney Spears, but nothing by Journey as far as I know.
  • The RIAA wants to educate American schoolchildren in grades three through eight about the evils of “songlifting” copyright law.

    Music is worth it, if you’re asking me —
    True words, new rhythms, sweet melody —
    Just tell me where to get it and I’ll gladly pay
    For a song that says what my heart wants to say.
    But don’t try to fool me with a phony copy,
    ‘Cause songlifting’s wrong, and it’s got to stop, see?

    In other news, Don’t Copy That Floppy!

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  1. September 24, 2009 12:11 pm

    Thanks Mary. I should mention that Rich Aucoin will be playing at the Capital tomorrow with A\V and The Trick.
    Rich has been on fire lately. In fact he’s been fucking killing it, everywhere he goes.

    • September 24, 2009 12:13 pm

      I knew there was a third act, but couldn’t remember who it was. Thx!


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