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Halifax Scene Report

October 1, 2009

I like to think that Halifax benefits from our isolation from the rest of Canada, we don’t get too much in the way of touring bands (oh, pardon me, I forgot about Stone Temple Pilots! Full disclosure: I watched the video for “Bing Bang Baby” just last week and sort of dug it. The video, mind you, not the music. I still have ears.) so we end up making our own fun and starting multiple bands, messing around with four-tracks and starting festivals. This month is looking busy and rad because of the CKDU funding drive and the Halifax Pop Explosion. The CKDU funding drive has particularly gotten the lead out this year, a full list of the events can be found online here. I’m super stoked for the potential shit show/completely amazing night that the Rock Lottery could turn into (Friday October 2 at the Paragon Theatre). 25 musicians are divided into 5 bands and given 24 hours to get a few songs ready to perform the following night. I’ve signed myself up for it. My only hope is that I don’t turn out to be the weakest link. The Rock Lottery sort of takes the incestuous nature of Halifax bands to a new level, but it’s truly a varied crowd drawing from a lot of different musical backgrounds, so I hope people can learn from their differences, patch up any old rivalries, find new make out partners and so on. Hoserfest is something I am fully behind as well (Saturday October 10 at Gus’ Pub, hosted by Mat and Dave of Let’s Get Baked and featuring locals singing CanRock). Chugging maple syrup sounds tasty enough, and hopefully someone will cover Loverboy (please).

Mat and Dave are no squares

Mat and Dave are no squares

Pop Explosion announced their full line up last month too (click here for full schedule), and it kicks off October 20. Much like Mary, I’m also mostly stoked to see locals in this festival: A History Of (warming everyone up for their LP release in November, and their album is killer. When I first heard it I was prompted to write an embarrassing email to everyone in the band saying: “holy shit, guys, the new AHO album is OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS. Wowowowowowwww. Please tour the world, ok?” And I don’t often write emails like that, as a rule), Bike Rodeo, Dog Day (with new drummer Rob Shedden formerly of Dry Leaf, The Breakup and Beat Material and currently of The Got To Get Got), The Just Barelys (playing a rare live show, I’m actually more excited about this than anything else, I still play Top on an almost daily basis) and York Redoubt.

The Just Barelys can't even stand under the weight of their awesomeness

The Just Barelys can't even stand under the weight of their awesomeness

Although people who go for the big tickets also have some pretty huge names to look forward to (Girl Talk, Japanther, Mates of State, Cadence Weapon, and, like, a trillion others), I think the atmosphere of a big festival like this really draws out some powerful performances by local bands that get somewhat overlooked in the frenzy of seeing someone from New York in person or whatever.

So, CKDU and HPX will basically be my month. That and making my cats their custom fall capes. It’s sort of like their back-to-school wardrobe! And sort of like shoving my biological clock into the sock drawer or under a pile of sweaters or something!

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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    October 1, 2009 12:13 pm

    Dog Day have a new drummer?

    • October 2, 2009 8:33 am

      Yeah, apparently so. I think I read about that via Locals a few weeks back.

      Hoserfest! I got to go last year, it was a really fun time. The Gideons played that Zit Remedy song from Degrassi and someone else (possibly Old Man Luedecke and friends) played “The Log Driver’s Waltz” from the NFB short. Amazing.

  2. stephaniejohns permalink
    October 8, 2009 10:22 am

    re: hoserfest: the minks are doing a couple loverboy songs (“turn me loose”, “lovin every minute of it”) with a surprise re-appearance from our old keyboard player rachelle as mike reno! i’m stoked. she said she was going to try and find red leather maternity pants. i’m sure they’re out there.

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