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October 2, 2009

MonotonixWhere Were You When It Happened?: The debut full-length (even though it’s only two songs and like six minutes longer than the EP) from these madmen tries to go a little bit further as a record than simply being a document of their live thing. Earlier in the week, after first hearing this, I had some doubts, but, the more I listen to it, it’s coming together. There’s always a dualism with this band, in that there’s the live band, and the recorded one. Nearly everyone, it seems, sees them live then gets the records, which then become something of a memento of the show. That’s the case with me and their first record, but I’ve always maintained that I would have liked that EP even if I’d never seen them. So what was the problem with this one? I don’t really know, something just wasn’t clicking. Listening again though, the songs are better than I thought. Maybe not as good overall as the older ones, but still good. The guitar sounds deadlier, and that’s a big part of what’s always done it for me with this band.

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