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Shotmaker – Bull 7″

October 2, 2009

Inspired by Scott’s last instalment of Saturday Videos, this week’s download is a Shotmaker 7″.

Shotmaker were an influential Ottawa hardcore band who existed for a scant few years in the mid-90s. There’s a two-CD discography out there which contains most everything they ever released, including the four songs from this 7″ on Kung Fu Manticore.


I picked this up on Record Store Day at Backstreet Fredericton back in the spring. I already had the songs via the discography, so I bought this mainly for the cool packaging. The jacket is a manila envelope, screened and folded over to form a record sleeve. The original insert includes lyrics, a couple of grainy black and white photos of three guys who look about fourteen years old, and this uncited concert review:

The third band of the night was the most pleasant surprise I’ve experienced in a long time. After what seemed like hours of endless tuning, [redacted] broke into a thundering rendition of the Stone Temple Pilot’s [sic] Crackerman. The [redacted] proved their versatility as they went from their own punk influenced material from their first album like [redacted] and [redacted] to moshpit favorites like Nirvana’s Very Ape and the Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the U.K. After I recovered from the bloody nose that I sustained in the pit during the [redacted] set I had a seat and listened to Shotmaker. I must say I was disappointed by Shotmaker. I had expected more from them than the basement style sludge rock that they poured out.

Download Shotmaker’s Bull 7″ (including scans of the cover and insert) from Evilmp3


  1. Believe in
  2. rope & pulley
  3. add and subtract
  4. fine day
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  1. passerine songs permalink*
    October 2, 2009 11:55 am

    Very cool.

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