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Melvins – Night Goat 7″

October 16, 2009

melvins I’ve liked the Melvins since around the time this single came out. I used to set my parents’ VCR to record City Limits on Much Music every Friday night at midnight, which is how I first heard them. Their music was (and is) slow and heavy and vaguely terrifying, and I’d never heard anything like it before. This was the height of Nirvana and all that, but those other Seattle bands were decidedly bubblegum compared to this.

This 7″ came out on Amphetamine Reptile in 1992, and the B-side is a Pussy Galore cover, incorrectly credited to someone named “John Spencer.” Everybody knows it’s “Jon Spencer” because of all those Rolling Stone and SPIN Magazine articles about The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in the mid 90s. Anyway.

Download Melvins 7″ from Evilmp3.


  1. Night Goat
  2. Adolescent Wet Dream
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