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Jumping back and forth through time

October 28, 2009

You know when you have that one really nice day of fall and you wish so hard that was what fall was like every single day? And maybe you start exploring what climate you’d have to live in to have that nice fall weather be like that year round (I’m guessing Portland, Oregon, maybe)? That was what we had in Halifax the day after the Halifax Pop Explosion ended. It was seriously the nicest day ever. I felt like going to the lake.

Since last month I gave the run down of what I was looking forward to for HPX (I didn’t see it all, though, isn’t that always the way?) I’m going to start with that really nice day and move on. I spent the day nursing a terrible headache (and not even from drinking) and going to the grocery store. The previous two weeks I had been researching how to cure an eyelid twitch that I believe came from spending too many late nights at bars (and working through some anxiety-ridden days). Apparently eating bananas help an eyelid twitch, if anyone else has had similar problems.


Before I move on to Halloween and November, there is one single thing that happened at Pop Explosion that I wanted to address: My very tight wristband (paper wristbands instead of lanyards this year for everyone). It was put on for me by a volunteer and I nearly passed out due to the constriction. I cut it off as soon as I got home and got to feel like a real Agent 99 all weekend because I re-taped it every night. It’s the little things, isn’t it? So, in the end, the tight wristband actually heightened my enjoyment of the festival. I officially have no complaints.



We should get back to the perfect fall day: My buddy Mark had a house show that night featuring two Pop Explosion bands still in town, Japanther and Boys Who Say No, along with two of my very favourite local bands, Bloodhouse and Bad Vibrations. Poison Percy Rufus also played, who I haven’t seen before (and unfortunately missed again that night), but I think I would like. The house show was a great way to end that nice sunny day. I was really happy to be there. I choose to believe this night ushered out my painful eyelid twitch (which has since seemed to abate).

The Fat Stupids

The Fat Stupids

Generally, I am always really partial to November because it’s my birthday month, and this year my great pal and bandmate Erica Butler set up the most awesome gift ever, house party featuring a cover set by the (totally amazing) Fat Stupids doing a bunch of songs we like.The Fat Stupids offered their services as a prize that was auctioned off last month for the CKDU Funding Drive (CKDU met their $25, 000 goal, by the way) and she snapped it up like the clever gal she is. The playlist includes songs by The Riverdales, The Bugs, Statues and more. STOKED!

Shearing Pinx

Shearing Pinx

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, though. Let’s talk about Halloween. My Halloween plan mostly takes place on the Friday before the actual day. I’ve been asked to DJ at the Strange Adventures Halloween party (I’ve settled on playing all the Bananas albums in order, in penance to my eyelid twitch and also because they are the best band of all time. Sort of kidding about playing all the albums, not kidding at all about them being the best), go see the Shearing Pinx LP release with AHNA, Data Cave and Bad Vibrations at Gus’ Pub (Shearing Pinx and AHNA play an all ages show at Lost and Found with Pig on Saturday, October 31, at 7pm). All wearing my fashionable, yet functional, cat lady costume. It’s warm (cat sweater, stuffed cat toys for insulation), gross (bag of kitty litter to carry around. Unsoiled, of course. Who do you think I am?) and scary (it’s surprisingly close to my every day outfit).

A History Of

A History Of

Aside from my birthday show, the outing I am most excited for in November is the A History Of LP release show at Club 1668 (Saturday, November 14) with York Redoubt, newcomers Cold Warps (featuring Paul Hammond, Dominique Taylor, Ryan Allen, Lance Purcell and a whole lot of power pop) and my beloved Bad Vibrations. The BVs just cannot play enough for me. If I were a millionaire, I would hire them to sit idly in my living room all night and begin playing when I walked out with my coffee in the morning. That wouldn’t be too bad of a gig, right? No, I didn’t think so.

Bad Vibrations

Bad Vibrations

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  1. November 9, 2009 6:31 pm

    Cool, the BV’s! On another note, paper wristbands are crazy, they remind me of how crazy my childhood years were. But now that we’ve grown up and wear rubber bracelets for change, our lives our even crazier.


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