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Unwound 7″

October 30, 2009

unwoundThis is one of the first recordings Olympia, Washington’s Unwound ever produced, pre-dating their first album Fake Train in 1993. This is the re-issued version from 1996, but the original 1992 single was release #6 from San Diego’s Gravity Records. Carrie Brownstein explains why you should care about all this:

A few days ago, I was having lunch with a friend. He said something I thought was interesting, the gist of it being that San Diego music wouldn’t have been what it was if it weren’t for the influences of Washington, D.C.’s Nation of Ulysses and Olympia’s Unwound. I agreed, but added that without those two bands, the San Diego sound would have still been unique; it just would have been culled from a smaller pool of local influence, specifically from the likes of Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From the Crypt. Nevertheless, there was a time in the early and mid-1990s when a bunch of young San Diego bands — from Heroin to Antioch Arrow to Clikatat Ikatowi — sounded like their DC and Oly counterparts, only sped up (in the screamo variety) or slowed down (in the Black Heart Procession variety). But either way, theirs was the sound of the melted and the sun-weary.

Download Unwound 7″ from Evilmp3.


  1. You Bite My Tongue
  2. Kid Is Gone Chant Of Vengeance
  3. Understand And Forget
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