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Aimee’s quickie Pop Explosion

November 2, 2009

This was the first time I’ve been to the Halifax Pop Explosion since 2006. I think I had way more fun in 2006, but that’s okay. I still had some fun times and spent a sufficient amount of my rent money so I deem it a successful trip.

On Friday night, my boyfriend and I had tickets to see Japanther, Devil Eyes and more at The Seahorse. I am very neurotic about ticket-buying since I am perpetually late and didn’t want to risk not getting in, so we wandered down when sufficiently drunk. I love not being places on time! Woo. My friends (without tickets) managed to get in before a big rush of people so we felt victorious already. I was pretty bummed to find out Molson was sponsoring and thus my only beer options were Canadian (barf) and Coors Light (water), so I took the barf route because I am bad at life. We arrived in time to see Devil Eyes and I wasn’t really feeling it. I admit maybe I am not typically a fan of bluesy-heavy music  and maybe I just didn’t get it. I think I am getting too sensible for guitar smashing, too. I just think, DUDE, I COULD PAY MY LIGHT BILL WITH THAT. The theme of this review is that I am poor!

Anyway, I drank some more barf and got up front for Japanther. I missed these guys eight thousand times before, so this was my night. I was up front, with, like, ten bottles of beer in my hand and I actually brought a camera for once. Their performance met my mega-high expectations. My friends all loved them, even though it is totally not their thing.  They played most all of Skuffed Up My Huffy which meant I got a chance to scream along to both “$100 Cover “and “River Phoenix”.  I got knocked around a bit but managed to keep my legs upright for its entirety. Many dudes kept trying to squeeze their way to the front, but our wall of tough females kept them at bay. We high-fived each other every time we threw down a drunk dude. AWESOME.  At one point, the older stage manager tried to take my purse off the stage (which was carefully hidden underneath an unused cymbal in front of me) and I had to fight for it back. Afterwards Ian Vanek from Japanther starts yelling at him to get lost and then proclaims that “old people suck”.  More Vanek rants included that musicians suck and they were just artists and bicycle messengers trying to have fun.  I left sweaty and bruised up, totally cool.


Japanther. Shirtless.


Payphone microphones for all!


Sweaty drummers are my favourite.

The next day I went breakfasting and to the Zine Fair at St. David’s Hall. I didn’t end up buying much, just a few zines and pins.  Highlight being my Halifax Scene Recipe Zine: A\V  French Onion Soup, anyone?  After that, I bought some much-needed clothing and searched for cigarettes. By the way Halifax, why is it so hard to find cigarettes in that neck of the woods?

That night we prepared for the Girl Talk. For this show, I was prepared for the worst. I like to dance, I like to act the fool but I am a judgemental prick and hate it when spandexxxxed young’uns get up in my dance space. So, I felt making masks would help this? Yeah, I don’t know. But we spent our pre-drinking time making animal masks and I had more fun doing that than at the show.

We were quoting 30 Rock on the walk down Windsor Street when we see someone passed out on the sidewalk (THAT’S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES). After initial jerky jokes, we noticed she was pretty fuckin’ young and was having trouble talking, walking and stating her address. I felt sort of bad and we tried to figure out how to get this girl home, as we were worried she might uh, fall in the street and die.  We looked for her phone and found a baggie with plain Tostito chips in it (what?) and a bunch of crushed up Mr. Noodles (double what?) strewn throughout her purse. Although she has trouble talking in general, she did manage to coherently ask my boyfriend if he wanted to go home with her and mention her parents were out of town, all while sort of humping his leg. Thus we learned she wasn’t completely out of it! End of story: Keep in mind we were all wearing animal masks when her friend comes, she was pissed, and then we finally got to make our way to the show.


My superhero mask: saving the world, one drunk chick at a time.

We waited in the line to get in for about 40 minutes. This sucked! It was raining! Once we got inside, I realized I was completely sober, which kind of sucked. I chugged some more barf, and closer we tried to get. Unfortunately, I got separated from my crowd of friends and found myself being pushed to the front by a bunch of crazy dudes. I tried to fight to get out, but it wasn’t happening. So here I am, stuck at the very front, with no chance of moving or dancing and I have to just accept my surroundings. I was then getting elbowed in the face repeatedly by taller folks and thought at one point I was going to pass out. I needed to get out of there so badly but no one would move and let me go. Out of fear of getting pregnant, I acted like a complete asshole and just kicked my way out. Once I was able to breathe, I dry heaved a little, had water and felt better.

End of story:  Girl Talk played all of his album songs, which I guess was fun. I was hoping that there would be more new songs that weren’t on his album.  I mean, I appreciated that he played Miley’s “Party in the USA” (seriously, awesome song) but he just played it. No fun mash-up or lead-in.  My highlight of the night was when Rich Aucoin attached a roll of toilet paper to the end of a leaf blower.

At the end of the night, I was mad I didn’t just get tickets to see Dog Day like I wanted. I would have had way more fun at a third of the price.  Big shows are consistently a disappointment with me, and I should really know that by now.

That being said, I had a decent weekend. Despite the rain, the line ups for everything, and Girl Talk, I was able to share one of my favourite bands (Japanther) with all of my buds and that was worth the trip alone. But yeah, this was the worst review ever.


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