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Winnipeg Weather Report: Seasonal Snowfall

December 1, 2009

Well since snow is finally on the ground and Christmastime is fast approaching, the giving spirit has hit Winnipeg like Art Hafey in the ring. Just days after giving you the last Winnipeg Weather Report, I’m back at it and this report is all about another Winnipeg who’s caught the giving bug.

Ricardo Lopez, the man behind Oldfolks Home (technically ‘one of the men’ as Shaun Gibson of The Details has joined the band) has been busy making Christmas tunes that thankfully sound nothing like Boney M.

Starting today and continuing every Tuesday in December, Oldfolks Home will send you a virtual Christmas card direct to your e-mail inbox with a free download of a new song. The ‘card’ also features a work of art by a different – and amazing – Canadian artist each week.

Three of the tunes are covers, but things kick off with a fantastic original Lopez wrote after “my lovely wife suggested (half-jokingly) that I write about how she wishes that no one else in her family would die the week of Christmas.” Seems like a crazy source of inspiration, but as someone whose great-grandmother died on Christmas day, the topic is right in my wheelhouse and I’m certain there are other folks out there who feel the same way. “We Won’t Cry At Christmas Time” is, to quote Lopez “a classic-rock, alt-country(?) ditty (which sounded nothing like Christmas)” that transitions “to a smooth, electro jam, with bells, because bells totally mean Christmas.”

To hear the tune you can visit Oldfolks Home’s Myspace page where it’s currently streaming, and to receive a download of the song as well as artwork by Kerri-Lynn Reeves simply email

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