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PEI Scene Report #003

December 2, 2009

Okay guys, so it turns out I was completely wrong about this November hatred that I have. I was able to spent an adequate amount of money on shows which automatically means money spent on albums and beer. Oof, my wallet.

Regardless, I’m going to power through to December as it is one of my favourite months of the year. This holiday season I’m going to swim in egg nog, fill my gullet with a Turducken and send my friends and family Christmas cards with enclosed photos of my cats. It’s going to be great!

The kick off for my month-of-joy is Mother Mother at Hunter’s Ale House. My last post was full of saying “fuck you” to weekdays, so thankfully someone decided to put this awesome show on a weekend. My only experience with this band was at Evolve Festival 2008: it was mid-afternoon and I was eating pad thai in front of the stage (cooked on a camp stove, darn resourceful hippies). I couldn’t believe the small crowd for this energetic band! Since then, they have exploded and have been touring with Matthew Good. You may know Matt Good’s last trip to Charlottetown was a bad one, they are coming all by their lonesome for this date and the $5 price tag works for me.

My holiday music folder could always use some new additions, which is why I am excited to hear about the Thirteen Days of Christmas CD. Local artists performing a few Christmas hits? Deal! It was produced by Adam Gallant, who has plenty of compilation experience under his belt (Well Oiled I + II) and I have a feeling this one will be just as memorable. Some of the artists include: Al Tuck, Paper Lions and Boxer the Horse. Pick it up at the usual spots on December 12th.

One of the reasons my November was so great was due to some Sackville sweethearts. Shotgun Jimmie’s show on the 24th had a lineup change and the lovely Julie Doiron took the stage instead of BA Johnston. I was completely aflutter every time I saw her during Sappyfest, and this Baba’s show was no different. Eric’s Trip was a hugely influential band for me — and for me learning about east coast music — and it is hard not to worship her a little. Oh gosh, I sound terrifying. There was a dude there who kept buying her vodka + waters though, so I am not yet on that realm of “I love you so much, I want to get you drunk”. Regardless, the show was incredible.

Julie Doiron at Baba's Lounge

Julie Doiron at Baba's Lounge

Links! With video! And fun!

  • A lovely video of Jeanette Stewart and Slow Down Molasses at Ampersand Café!
  • Acts have been announced for the Fifth annual Food and Warmth show at The Guild. There are piles of artists involved this year and I think saw New Royalty on the list somewhere?! Some members have been away and I haven’t witnessed this fun pop group since the summer. Someone say this is true!
  • ECMA nominations have been spilling out this morning and from a quick listen I heard that Smothered in Hugs grabbed a nomination for Rock Recording of the Year while Tim Chaisson and Two Hours Traffic are both in the running for Pop Recording of the Year. Trip to Cape Breton anyone?
  • This video has been circulating like wild fire through my Facebook feed, and I assume everyone in the universe is on my Facebook which means that everyone in the universe has already seen this video. NEVERTHELESS, here is the visually wonderful video for “Hat” by Charlottetown’s talented Racoon Bandit:

Happy holidays! If anyone would like a Christmas card of my cats being amazingly festive email me your address! We could also exchange mix CDs, which is one of my favourite things to do with strangers. (Actually, I don’t have any other favourite things to do with strangers, you pervs.)

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  1. cindo permalink
    December 4, 2009 1:11 pm

    oh wow im insanely jealous you got julie instead of BA over there! i have such a huge crush on her.

    • aimee permalink
      December 4, 2009 3:35 pm

      Yeah! Talk about a surprise! She hasn’t played here solo in….well… a long time from what I remember.


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