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Relevant To Your Interests #029

December 3, 2009
  • Free downloads from Divorce Records! Via Halifax Locals, Darcy says:

    Freewave is a new series of FREE digital EPs from DIVORCE. The albums are exclusive to the series and cost you $0 to download. Merry Xmas! These releases will only be available until the next round of EPs come along. Act now and check back often! First up — Husband & Knife, Mess Folk, and Zachary Fairbrother.

    Those of you who are especially kind may choose to donate to the FREEWAVE cause. The money will be split up between the artists and the label. If you have a few bucks and like what you hear, please do consider the option. The label is just looking to cover mastering and website costs, and of course, the artists are more than deserving. There is NO obligation. Enjoy the downloads, and please SPREAD THE WORD.

  • Zach Galifianakis is gay for Rufus Wainwright. From The Daily Swarm:

    Rufus is proudly gay, and I am a straight man. He makes me want to be gay. I don’t know what it is. I have performed [his song “I Don’t Know What It Is”] many times, singing into a pencil or whatever, while wearing nothing but underwear and sweat.

  • Remember when I told you there’d be no new material coming out of the impending Pavement reunion? Turns out that might have been a little premature. The NME reports:

    “If it’s enjoyable for us, I think it is inevitable that we’ll make some more music,” [guitarist Scott Kannberg said.] “I hope so because I think it will be fun. If I was a fan of the band, I’d want to hear some new music, but we’re just going to see how it goes.”

  • The east coast’s musicians’ union is kind of a mess these days. Several members of the executive have recently resigned and members and non-members alike are raising questions about what (if anything) the union actually does to help musicians. CBC News reported:

    Ken MacKay, president since 2007, said he resigned because he doesn’t believe the union speaks up for all of its 560 members, most of whom are not contracted performers but freelance musicians looking for gigs.

    “I thought it was time that we have someone speaks for all musicians, not just the contracted ones,” he said Tuesday.

    “I found that the union was getting to the point — join our union, pay money to join, and then we can fine you,” he said.

  • Joe Strummer liked Bruce Springsteen. A lot.

    Bruce is great. If you don’t agree with that, you’re a pretentious Martian from Venus. Bruce looks great, like he’s about to crawl underneath the chords with a spanner and sock the starter motor one time so the engine starts up — humming and ready to take us on a golden ride way out somewhere in the yonder.

    Read the entirety of Joe’s hand-written, stream-of-consciousness screed via The Village Voice.

  • If you send Megadeth a homemade Christmas card, Dave Mustaine might call you up for a chat on Christmas Day. No shit. From Exclaim:

    According to the band’s official website, they are holding a Christmas card contest where entrants design a card and send it in to them. A winner will then be selected, and Megadeth main man Dave Mustaine will give them a ring on December 25 to offer his season’s greeting.

    Yes, folks, you could chat with MegaDave on the holiest day of the Christian calender year. For your chance at the ultimate gift of gab with the gifted gabber, design your card full of holiday cheer within the 20 cm by 12 cm measurements and send it to under the subject heading “Christmas Card Contest” by midnight December 6.

  • Listening to Fugazi complain for 40 minutes is better than at least 85% of albums released in 2009. Via Chunklet, via The Coast:

    Around 1990, I was convinced that there were no better live bands on the planet than Fugazi and The Jesus Lizard. And here it is almost 20 years later and I spent many a night following the latter across the planet (just like the ol’ days) and I got to have my post-teenager sentiments reinforced as I watched four men all hovering around fifty years old fucking sweep the floor with their younger counterparts asses on a nightly basis.

    One thing I didn’t particularly enjoy at these shows were the jag bags that were crowd surfing. I know, I know. I’m a fucking drag for saying that, but when Yow does it, he’s a professional. When some yahoo with lumberjack boots does it, people get clobbered in the noggin.

    I remember Fugazi telling people not to do it. And looking back on it, I think what a loving request it was. Even when I was 19 or 20, I’d deal with the jocks being violent, but Fugazi stood their ground and defended the majority of a crowd that wanted to enjoy themselves and not get injured in the process.

    So it was with great pleasure when James Burns contacted me to tell me he had assembled a 40+ minute montage of Fugazi stage banter.

  • Finally, someone else who thinks The Woods is Sleater-Kinney’s best album. The Aquarium Drunkard takes another look at the record from 2005, as part of their Decade series:

    Volume is the first thing that strikes you when opener “The Fox” comes in. The record is distorted and in-the-red for most of its running time. Vocals, especially Carrie Brownstein’s counter-vocals that have long wrapped sinuous vines around the feet of Tucker’s, are buried in the mix and this is, oddly, a blessing. Why? Corin Tucker’s voice had always been a powerful, vibrato weapon in the band’s arsenal, but as she gained control of it over the years, she had reined it in quite a bit. Not here.

    The Woods is an album crafted by a band who was looking to make a definitive statement, not only of their ability, but about their career as well. Beginning with labels as confining as “riot grrl” and “punk,” the band sought a plateau above the fray of genre. They succeeded by creating a body of work capped by this album, their finest moment and one capable of giving the biggest bands of the time a formidable point of comparison.

  • Here’s a really good short documentary about what it’s like to be a woman who writes about music. It’s worth sixteen minutes of your time.
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