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Fugazi – Live Series #19

December 4, 2009

It’s really hard for me to not be all fangirl-gooey about Fugazi.  I don’t listen to them all that often anymore, but whenever I do, I’m immediately transported back to the mid-90s when I, like, gave a shit about things and I’m momentarily forced to reckon with the boring, no-fun grownup I’ve become.  Uncomfortable!

photo by Amy Allaby

Fucking Fugazi, you guys!  They make you feel bad about everything you’ve ever done because you’ll never be as good as them at anything.  Not just in terms of music, but at life.  Think about how much each of those guys must accomplish in a single day.  They probably go running at 5am and  have tofu smoothies for breakfast seven days a week.  Probably together.  It’s heartbreaking.  One time I read an interview with Ian in which he expressed mild regret at having never gone to college, so I guess I’ll always have that.

I was at this show, by which I mean I spent two hours in the New Maryland Recreation Centre standing on an orange plastic chair with my boyfriend on a sweaty evening in August of 1998 while the members of Fugazi also happened to be there.  We looked at the tops of their heads for two hours or so.  I remember being disappointed they weren’t selling their new album End Hits because I hadn’t heard it yet, and I remember wondering if they were going to chastise people for moshing.  They didn’t.  I was still too scared to go up front, but I also noted how it wasn’t nearly as violent as a lot of local hardcore shows were around then.

The band  marveled out loud about how there were still apparently places in North America where anyone could just rent a bingo hall in the woods and have bands play inside it.  I thought, “Uh-duh.  How else would you make a punk rock show?”  I honestly had no idea.

Download Fugazi Live Series #19 from Evilmp3. Full tracklist after the jump.

Disc 1:

  1. Intro
  2. Break
  3. Do You Like Me
  4. Merchandise
  5. Place Position
  6. Reclamation
  7. Down City
  8. Bed For the Scraping
  9. Target
  10. Close Captioned
  11. Recap Modotti
  12. Burning
  13. Suggestion
  14. Give Me the Cure

Disc 2:

  1. Waiting Room
  2. Arpeggiator
  3. Guilford Fall
  4. Facet Squared
  5. Walken’s Syndrome
  6. Instrument
  7. Venue Rap
  8. Blueprint
  9. Long Division
  10. No Surprise
  11. KYEO
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