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Relevant To Your Interests #030

December 10, 2009
  • That sound you heard earlier this week was east coast record nerds splooging with delight at the news a highly collectible local release from the 1990s is about to be reissued.

    Naked In The Marsh, the highly sought-after vinyl compilation record of Moncton alternative indie rock from the 1990’s, was recently given a second life. The record, originally released in 1992 on NIM Records, served as a document of the city’s fledgling underground music scene and featured local groups Eric’s Trip, Purple Knight, Bad Luck #13, Idée du Nord and Front Porch. The initial 500 copies on green vinyl quickly sold out and have been on collectors’ lists ever since.

    This re-release was made possible because of the recent discovery of 450 copies that were put into storage because of a pressing plant error. These copies are missing one track by Syntax Error, a then defunct group, who were originally included because of their influence and impact on the scene at that time.

    The 10″ will be available through the usual retail suspects (Backstreet, Taz, Spin-It, Back Alley Music, etc.), as well as via Divorce Distribution, who happen to be having a sale on all their stock right now, 25% everything now through Christmas. You can also contact Ray13 for more info about Naked In The Marsh.

  • Jawbox were on Jimmy Fallon this week! (In the likely event that YouTube video gets pulled, PunkNews has some NBC-approved clips.)
  • As promised, Fucked Up used some of their Polaris Prize winnings to record a cover of “Do They Know Its Christmas?” The single became available for download via iTunes yesterday, and will be released as a 7″ early in 2010. Guest vocalists include Tegan & Sara, Yo La Tengo, Andrew W.K., David Cross (???), and Bob Mould. All proceeds go to non-profit groups seeking justice for missing or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada.
  • Gerry wants you to download this free Barrakuda McMurder EP.
  • As my dreams of being in a band that plays in front of people are quietly snuffed out forever, Street Carnage has a list of ten girls who will dump you when they go on tour. You didn’t really think your thing with Lovefoxxx was going to last, did you?
  • Popmatters has a big hate on for cassette tapes. A while back they published an article explaining why they’ll never come back (uh-buh?), and this week there’s another essay which declares your favourite innocuous relic from the 80s dangerous, without really explaining why. Warning: this thing (all 1,632 words of it) reads like an undergraduate term paper:

    At best, the cassette revival is merely a vacuous fad of no genuine value; but at worst, it’s a confused, regressive cultural misstep more dangerous than most would care to admit. There is danger here, and despite the intentions of its advocates, this is a trend that’s less a tribute to the DIY mentality than a betrayal of its basic premise.

    What? I don’t have time for this shit, I have to come up with a 90 minute playlist for this “secret Santa”-style mixtape exchange I’m doing with some folks from JUNNNKTank.

  • So I guess Billy Corgan is dating Jessica Simpson?
  • Springteen: cool with the gays, wants them to get married in New Jersey if they want.
  • The Agit Reader has a review of the new Robert Pollard DVD The Devil Went Home and Puked. I was never a huge fan of him or Guided By Voices, but that’s probably the best title for anything, ever. This trailer looks pretty good, too:

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