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The Plan – 7″ (2000)

December 11, 2009

This week’s download is a rare 45 from long-defunct faves The Plan.

Falling in between the beloved Halifax band’s two LPs is this lesser-known release. Put out in 2000 by a small (Winnipeg-based?) label called Jesus Sanchez, the record contains two songs, “Ante The Essay” and “Give Me The Theory,” which never appeared anywhere else. Actually, calling this release lesser-known might be understating things a bit, as it seems to have vanished off the face of the planet. The only evidence of it to be found anywhere now is a brief mention of it on the band’s Rewika Records bio page.

Unfortunately there’s no cover art to give you along with the files (the only copy I’ve ever seen – bought at a show by friends around the time of its release and left in my possession years later – is currently in storage, and when I did an image search, I got this…), but the tunes should make up for it. You know what to expect, Plan fans, and it won’t disappoint. We’re assuming this long-out-of-print nugget will find a good home in your collections, enjoy!

Download The Plan 7″ from Evilmp3.


  1. Ante the Essay
  2. Give Me the Theory
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