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Aimee’s Christmas Mixtape

December 18, 2009

One of my family traditions growing up was to go to  my grandparents’ house in Eastern PEI on Christmas Eve and attend midnight mass. I am not religious but I come from a Catholic family and this shit is pretty normal, I guess. During the service, my siblings and I would mostly just talk about sneaking wine at home or something, but one year was memorable.

There was an older priest who seemed pretty disgruntled. This was odd, as Christmas service priests are usually full of excitement over the big turn-out for Jesus’s birthday party or something. He got into a few bizarre rants here and there, but the worst one was when he started talking down to almost everyone at mass about our consumerist ways. Fair enough!

Eventually, it was about the foolishness of Santa Claus and how they should stop all of the radio talk about him as he is CLEARLY NOT COMING. Why? BECAUSE HE ISN’T REAL. That guy certainly broke some children’s hearts that night.

As a grownup who does not believe in Santa or baby mangers or whatever, I still enjoy the holidays. Apparently, I am mega-uncool because of this. I enjoy it because it means having lots of friends home for wine times and dressing in my favourite colour (red) exclusively. I also love eating my pants off and drinking like it’s my job. These things are great!

I also listen to a lot of shitty bands just because they have Christmas songs. Is this mix full of shitty bands? Hopefully not! But maybe! All I can tell you is there is definitely no ‘N Sync. You are WELCOME.

Download (or stream!) Aimee’s Xmas Joy from Evilmp3’s Mixtape blog. Tracklist after the jump.

Holly Golightly – “Christmas Tree’s on Fire”
Darlene Love – “Marshmallow World”
Low – “Just Like Christmas”
Whoa Boats – “Slippers for Everyone this Christmas!”
Andrew Dost – “Yeah, I know it’s Christmastime”
Cap’n Jazz – “Winter Wonderland”
The Knife – “Reindeer”
Sufjan Stevens – “I Saw Three Ships”
Julius Casablancas – “I Wish it Was Christmas Today (SNL Cover)”
Ohbijou – “Last Christmas”
The Kinks – “Father Christmas”
Atom and His Package – “What We Do On Christmas”

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