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Aimee saw a couple of shows in 2009

December 21, 2009

2009 was a strange year for me. I entered 2009 living in a basement apartment in Calgary, where I bounced around from weird job to weirder job in an attempt to keep busy. I look back on my Alberta time with fondness, but at the time I was itching to leave. Luckily, some of my favourite shows of the year started in Cow Town.

Fucked Up – April 11 – Royal Canadian Legion #1, Calgary

Fucked Up | Aimee Power photo

First, this venue is incredible. Calgary is lucky for having many great music spaces, but this one was my favourite by a mile. Two floors with several amazing stages, and the backdrops to each were festive. Decorated with ’70s design styles of maple leaves and coats of arms on old hardwood. Man, I had a crush. Despite it being a Royal Canadian Legion and having a crew of surly bartenders, the crowd was nuts. It was my first time seeing Fucked Up and it was during a fundraiser for Sled Island – which I hate myself for missing. I was right up front for the entire set (as I figured it would be safer than being in the middle) and maybe bringing my camera was the worst idea as it was sticky with beer for days. But I danced, I loved, and screamed with the best of them and will never forget that night of sweaty goodness.

The Mae Shi – January 30 – Broken City, Calgary
Apparently Broken City does a secret anniversary show every year. I found out on that the Mae Shi were playing there and kept getting confused as to why there was no promotion done and why I couldn’t buy tickets. Whoops, that was why. 

Broken City was a favourite hangout of mine in Calgary. If I wanted to get drunk off Kokanee tallboys for cheap, I went there. They had punk rock bingo, karaoke and lots of great shows that kept me entertained in a city where I had few friends.

Anyway, this show was youthful and fun and it half made me wish it were all-ages. Is it because they brought in an old-school gym parachute and covered the crowd in it? Yes. Was it also because the lead singer dressed in a child’s pumpkin costume? Yes. It was a screaming dancefest underneath that parachute and was not meant for a claustrophobic.

Five Hole Band – February 13 – Pages Bookstore/Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary
I am not sure if this can count but I am such a rebel I’m going to add a play to this. Suck it, list gods! The

Five Hole Band | Aimee Power photo

Five Hole Band mainly comprises of ex-Rheostatics and they came to town to tell tales of “hockey erotica” as written by Dave Bidini. I’ll let it be known that I am a Rheostatics/Dave Bidini super n00b who never paid any mind to their music while they were happening, but upon seeing an amazing poster for this play, I was intrigued. The music was clever without being too campy. I felt that I would probably never see a naked lady in goalie gear and a light-up crotch ever again so I chalk it up to a memorable evening.

Mount Eerie – August 3rd, Ampersand Cafe, Charlottetown

Mount Eerie | Aimee Power photo

After a long weekend of sleeping in a wet tent and brushing my teeth at the town water pump, I somehow mustered up enough energy to see Mount Eerie play at my favourite PEI cafe. I have talked about this show (at length here) but I really can’t say enough good things about this experience. I felt like Phil and I were on an intimate first date that I didn’t want to end. My swoon level was on maximum overdrive, I guess. I was mostly thrilled that he played “I Felt Your Shape”

Oops, here are a few more!

  • Modest Mouse – August 17 – The Forum, Halifax: I felt like I was going to die of heat stroke in this place. The band was great but everything else was awful. The crowd, the lineup for beer, the lineup for water, the sweat, the stickiness of the floor etc.
  • Japanther – October 23 – The Seahorse, Halifax: Awesome, incredible show. Probably one of the tops of the year! I talked about it too much already, I think.
  • The Constantines secret show – August 2

    Constantines secret show | Aimee Power photo

    – George’s Roadhouse, Sackville: Out of principle, this show has to be here. The post-SappyFest party at George’s was incredible and I just wish I were more awake to appreciate it. All Neil Young covers, with piles of great artists climbing on stage to join in. Unforgettable.
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  1. December 22, 2009 1:36 pm

    That secret show was really the only thing I regret about leaving SappyFest early. I was really not into the bands we saw other than Adam Mowery Org, OML, and Eric’s Trip.

    Pink Eyes from Fucked Up was on Q this morning talking about the charity single. They cut the song off right before “Tonight thank god it’s them instead of Jews!”

    • aimee permalink
      December 22, 2009 4:11 pm

      As much fun as I had at Sappyfest, I had more fun HANGING OUT than at most of the shows. I heard Clues were crazy awesome, but I am loser who got drunk in my tent instead. Life choices!

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