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2009 Had Some Good Albums

December 23, 2009

1. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

Bitte Orca is just this tiny pile of weirdness and oddities that keeps me captivated. I am not going to get into how this album is an “art piece” and stuff  I don’t understand because I’m too busy watching TV, but it gives me the fuzzies. Nothing about this album is perfect but the sum of its imperfections is what makes it so great to me. The odd vocal pairings, the erratic build-ups (and break downs), and the hint of R&B made it historic in Aimee’s vault of bests.

Regina Spektor | jmtimages photo

2. The Thermals – Now We Can See

Now We Can See drops acceptance bombs all over the place. Each line seems to explode with a complacent “OH WELL!” and it is delightfully refreshing. I could scream each of these catchy songs for days and I don’t care who knows it. Although The Thermals are new to me, this album makes me want to go back and learn more.  I’ve never heard death sound so enthusiastically youthful.

3. Regina Spektor – Far

I kind of get that people either love Regina Spektor or they don’t. She writes silly songs about random daily events and relationship qualms that may not be deep and meaningful, but by golly I love it. Far is essentially another Regina Spektor album in that way. She is still herself and is still expressing herself in the same way, only now with more dolphin noises.

Japanther | Paul Galipeau photo

4. Japanther – Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt

Every lucky person who has seen Japanther’s live show, know just how great this duo can be. But not everyone is into their albums. That’s okay! Each one is full of spoken word intros and filler that I don’t always enjoy, but their party punk songs always stick around in my mind. I’m thrilled that they start off Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt with a cover of a song by the GREAT folk-punk band Rosa, who I love. Also, many of the poetry parts on this album are by legendary Penny Rimbaud (co-founder of Crass) and it is not that I don’t enjoy those pieces, they can just be skippable when in a certain mood. The actual songs on the album are high-fivin’, lovely, fuzzy times.

Rae Spoon | Aimee Power photo

5. Rae Spoon – superioryouareinferior

Like a few other artists on this list, I am new to Rae Spoon. I’d heard of him touring through the years, but for his recent set in Charlottetown I finally spent money to have a listen. superioryouareinferior is much calmer than anything I’ve mentioned thus far but it isn’t any less remarkable. I have a soft spot for musicians from the prairies as they don’t seem to be commonly popular (similar to us east coasters), but his style of country/folk/electro/stuff makes him stand out. His personal songs are broad with geography and the imagery of those places he’s experienced, and it helps make up a great story. He also talks about becoming wolves, and as we all know wolves are badass, so…..

A few more albums that won my heart in 2009. For reasons that are loud, sweet and sexy:

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