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Five Good Albums Released in 2009

December 24, 2009

I’m stealing Steph’s idea and posting my list in the form of haikus.  Enjoy!

ConstantinesToo Slow For Love EP (Arts & Crafts)

Too Slow For LoveOh, the young lions.
I didn’t like them very much
until I heard this.

Dog DayConcentration (Black Mountain Music)

ConcentrationBest Halifax band.
Can’t believe they’re not huge.
The world is unjust.

Pissed JeansKing of Jeans (Sub Pop)

King of Jeans Snarly songs about
getting old, and fat, and tired.
“No, I don’t bother.”

SuperchunkLeaves In the Gutter EP (Merge)

Leaves In the GutterComebacks aren’t always
a sure thing, but this one works.
I miss the 90s.

The ThermalsNow We Can See (Kill Rock Stars)

Now We Can SeeThe same song over
and over and over, but
it’s such a good song.


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