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2009 – The Miscellany

December 29, 2009

As a final look at 2009, here are a few things that didn’t quite fit into the other lists.

Best record from 2008 that you found in 2009:

Deerhunter’s Microcastle. Yep, I was late to the party, even though everyone said it was great. And they were right.

Found too late to be considered for your year-end list (i.e. found through others’ year-end lists):

Dâm FunkToeachizown.  This compser/performer/funk aficionado DJ’s debut LP is comprised of a handful of EPs released throughout the year and provides over two hours of electro-funk jams. Lots of bassy, liquid synth lines and electronic handclaps. Calling it (as he does) “modern funk” means that it can really be both retro and contemporary at the same time, and it is just that. Two discs of spacey electro funk grooves produced by a modern disciple who’s put in the time researching the sound(s).

Oneohtrix Point NeverRifts. Another two hour (plus) electronic record, but of a different sort. Comprised of three albums that were previously released separately, this collection has often been situated by reviewers somewhere between Boards of Canada and eighties sci-fi soundtracks, a combination that results in some crisp, bright digital haze. Often simultaneously dreamy and utterly robotic, each of the three sections of the record has a concept behind it, and one can likely guess by the track titles alone that said themes are appropriately sci-fi. It’s a huge record, too much to absorb just in regular listenings, but if you’ve got some time to spend digging evocative, moody android sounds, don’t miss this.

What passed you by in 2009?:

•The XX. I still don’t see what the big deal is. *shrug*

Being out of Canada has meant being mostly cut off from what’s going on here, sadly, and I’ve missed a few things:

Shearing Pinx’s Weaponry. I’m certain this is excellent, but haven’t been able to get hold of it yet.

Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home by Chet. Just found out it existed yesterday. Dang. Another excellent record from this underrated group.

XXXX by You Say Party! We Say Die! is sounding good.

Disappointment 2009:

•Suicide’s reunion at All Tomorrow’s Parties to perform their 1977 record, probably. It seemed kinda bad and nobody’s talked about it much since.

Some standout tracks:

Camera Obscura – “French Navy.” Real class.

Dog Day – “Rome.” The album version of this in particular is completely rad.

The Drums – “Let’s Go Surfing” and “I Felt Stupid.” If these were out as sides of a 45, it would be a classic already.

Flaming Lips – “Silver Trembling Hands.” This cut is just unrestrained and awesome. Not sure how that “aaahh!” sound was made, but it gets into your bones.

Got To Get Got – “War of Letters.” It does everything right.

Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fire.” Totally.

Sonic Youth – “No Way.” This one stuck out from the Eternal lot.

Julie Doiron – “Heavy Snow.” A rumbly standout from I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day.

The Clientele – “Graven Wood.” As the final song on perhaps their final album, the band revisit apparently the first song they ever wrote together in a simple, haunting version.

You Say Party! We Say Die! – “Laura Palmer’s Prom.” This group has a way of writing really hooky stuff without it being too obvious.

And finally…

DJ Steve Porter – “Slap Chop Rap.” A moment of infectious brilliance.

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  1. December 30, 2009 10:02 am

    The hundreds of dollars we lost on the OBEY runoff show was well worth it because otherwise Metz wouldn’t have been here to tell us about ” Santana shreds” and the Slap Chop rap.

    Also: Trip gave Dan a Slap Chop for Christmas. Vince’s little rat face is on the box.

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