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North of America – “Bayonet Point”

January 8, 2010

The Norts | via shuffle/repeat's Flickr stream

This week we heard North of America would be playing Blue Skies Turn Black’s 10th anniversary party in Montreal at the end of February. Officially on hiatus since 2003, this will be the first time the band performs live since a handful of hometown shows in Halifax in late 2008, commemorating North of America’s own 10 year milestone.

The “Bayonet Point” 45 came out on US-based label Montesano Records in 1999, the same year as the band’s second full-length, These Songs Are Cursed, was released. The three songs on this record were included on the re-released version of the band’s first LP, Elements Of An Incomplete Map II, in 2002, but the 45 seems to have long since disappeared.

Download Bayonet Point from Evilmp3


  1. Bayonet Point
  2. Charter Us
  3. Colossal Colossus

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