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PEI Scene Report #004

January 13, 2010

Hey guys, it is 2010, i.e. the future.  So let’s all put on our space pants and see what we should do this month, maybe?

Lots of fancy awards jive is happening in a few weeks. What that means is that Music PEI is having their 9th annual Music Awards and I guess this is a big deal. Regardless, it means that people are putting on shows and there is a binding theme to those shows so… COOL!

Smothered In Hugs

Smothered In Hugs | Aimee Power photo

Because of this, January 22nd will be a busy night in Charlottetown. Almost every bar in town will have live music, which makes my decision difficult. Should I hit up Pat Deighan and the Orb Weavers + Smothered in Hugs at Hunter’s? Or maybe Mars Hill + Fugato + The Sidewalks at Fishbones? I don’t know. But I do know it will be annoying to get a cab home with all of this downtown hoopla.

Windom Earle

Windom Earle | Aimee Power photo

In other show news, here is a show that is MEGA AWESOME: Windom Earle and Cold Warps at House of Rock on the 30th. You may not have heard of the venue as it tends to stay in hiding, but I spent most of my high school nights in this living room on Kent Street. It is where I saw Tastes Like Burning the ONCE and where I got to go all fan girl at One Candle Power when I was 16.

The newly-formed Cold Warps has some familiar faces, but upon listening to their tape (I’m lying, I listened to it on the internet), I deduced that they sound like they could be an old band I missed out on years ago. That’s not to say they are dated, but they are one of those gems you pick up and think, “Wow, I wish I was around when they were playing around.” But guess what, we are all around right now!  Meaning, they sound great and I am pumped to see their live show. Party city, population: me.

I’ve had enough of this paragraph business:


  • Jenocide is playing at Hunter’s Ale House on January 27th with one man dance-bot A/V and the ever-shiny Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. I have yet to see Jen live and am pretty excited to check out her solo act. Her attitude and grrl-power influences are right up my alley. Mary reviewed her album here.
  • Enjoy LOOKING at music? Then drop into the  The Arts Guild and check out the “Art for Music” show. There will be photography, posters and hopefully cheese. It will run from January 15 – 30th.
  • Smothered in Hugs love their fans. They are showing this by offering a free EP to everyone who goes to their show on Friday!  Boxer the Horse will be playing with the boys, too.
  • Matt Dixon has his distro back at The Green Man, so go cash your GST cheque already!

Now, onto my new year’s resolution of eating more donairs. Happy eating!

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