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Monotonix’s Moncton Invasion

January 21, 2010

Our friend Mike went to see the notorious Monotonix in Moncton, NB last Friday night! Here’s a short review and a bunch of lovely photos of moustachioed shenanigans. You can check out more of his pics on Facebook or via his Flickr stream. Thanks Mike!

Alright folks, I apologize for the quick and straight-to-the point review, but I have about a million things on the go so here’s the deal: Monotonix turned Moncton into a shit show on January 15th at The Manhattan, if you don’t believe me look at the photos.

I always enjoy the hospitality of Moncton, and this night was no different as I found myself at the bar on more than one occasion. Rock N’ Roll!

The Israeli three-piece set up the middle of the dance floor among the crowd and wasted no time making their way all over the venue. Wherever the vocalist went, the guitarist and drummer followed closely behind, with the help of the audience lugging gear.

The drummer played with a garbage can on his head before the three headed for the bar and other locations as the crowd chugged beer while fist pumping the shit out of the air above them. Yes, lots of fist pumping happened. Once again, Rock N’ Roll!

Monotonix performed for around an hour, which was an hour well spent. If you ever get the chance to see them, GO!

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