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Relevant To Your Interests #034

January 21, 2010
  • Are you in Toronto today? Do you have a can of soup? If so, you can catch an in-store performance by Dinosaur Jr. at Sonic Boom Records. Swing by around 6:30, non-perishable in hand.
  • Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, A/V, and Jenocide are embarking on a week-long Maritime tour starting tomorrow night at The Paragon Theatre in Halifax. East Coast Noise has a new interview with Jen Clarke of Jenocide, and you can check out our review of their latest album Machines to Make Us Wet.
  • The Superfantastics are recording an album with Rick White in the Elder Schoolhouse. Look for it in the spring.
  • Early reviews: The Los Angeles Times likes the Runaways movie; The New York Times likes Patti Smith’s memoir Just Kids. You can read an excerpt from the book here.
  • Halifax’s Play Guitar have a new LP coming out next month. You can preorder it from NoYes Records.
  • DJs are ugly. Unless they’re hot girls. Thanks, Street Carnage.
  • Check out How Fucking Romantic. It’s an ongoing project which features comics from different artists, each post corresponding to a song from The Magnetic Fields69 Love Songs. It’s both ambitious and awesome.
  • The purveyors of one of my favourite albums of 2009 are doing a tiny tour. Pissed Jeans are playing a few shows in April, including stops in Toronto and Montreal.
  • A rockstar fight is brewing between Sonic Youth and Fucked Up. It all started when Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore sat down with Ian Svenonius for a Soft Focus segment at an ATP event in December. The episode hasn’t gone online yet, but SY allegedly disparaged their Canadian label-mates as “dude core.” Never ones to let that kind of shit slide, two members of Fucked Up have apparently recorded at least one “diss track” for an upcoming EP. From Exclaim!:

    In a recent interview with Vice, photographer Ben Rayner said that Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco and Ben Cook joined him in working on a zine and EP that lay some hurt on Sonic Youth. The collaboration is called Cranking to Sonic Youth and, in British parlance, Rayner says cranking refers to “when somebody is crying and wanking at the same time.”

    The phrase is also included in the lyrics to the unnamed band’s song of the same name. According to Rayner, the lyrics go, “Cranking to Sonic Youth / Goo in your hand / Goo in your hand.”

    OH SNAP! Listen to “Cranking to Sonic Youth” and “Nerds at ATP” on Vice.

  • Here’s a guy who makes records out of chocolate. Finally, I won’t have to go to more than one store to blow all my walkin’ money on candy and records! THANK YOU, OLD GERMAN GUY.
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