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The Weakerthans: live at Lee’s Palace

January 22, 2010
The Weakerthans

The Weakerthans | photo via the band's MySpace

As we’ve mentioned previously, The Weakerthans are releasing a live album and DVD on March 23rd. To tide you over until then, here’s a bootleg of the band performing at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace on November 6, 2003.

They would have been touring in support of Reconstruction Site, and this was probably the band at their best. My favourite part of this is when John K Samson tries (and fails) to hit the high note in “Left and Leaving.”

Download the Weakerthans bootleg from Evilmp3.

Tracklist after the jump.

  1. Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call
  2. Aside
  3. Our Retired Explorer (Dines with Michel Foucault in Paris, 1961)
  4. Time’s Arrow
  5. This Is a Fire Door Never Leave Open
  6. Uncorrected Proofs
  7. Reconstruction Site
  8. Plea From a Cat Named Virtute
  9. The Reasons
  10. Elegy for Elsabet
  11. Left and Leaving
  12. Watermark
  13. Prescience of Dawn
  14. (Manifest)
  15. One Great City
  16. Confessions of a Futon Revolutionist
  17. Diagnosis
  18. Everything Must Go
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