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Newfoundland Scene Report #002

February 1, 2010

Last time out, I touched on this island’s lack of a national reputation when it comes to rock music (Hey Rosetta! being a rare exception).

Danny Keating has been writing and performing gloriously fuzzy pop nuggets for a decade now in St. John’s. Chances are he’ll never utilize the services of a publicist, or ever take his performances off the island. The little guy will most likely never get his due.

With all that defeatist talk put aside for now, Danny’s output has been widely varied and always interesting. He’s consistently drawn on the more melodic side of Eric’s Trip’s brand of punk-infused indie rock, and likewise has a penchant for the trippy lyrical content Rick White is known for.

His many bedroom recordings have been washed with a buzzy, lo-fi sheen. Danny started out 10 years ago with the fairly popular St. John’s group The Co-Stars, who eventually morphed into The Coast Guard and made a move to Toronto.

Danny’s songs always stuck out a bit in that band, taking on more of an edge due to his spacey stage presence and penchant for jamming out songs. He got to explore that side more with The Peepholes, a band that focused predominantly on Danny’s tunes.

He’s also released a wealth of recordings under the alias The Origin of Sound, and now performs under the name Catmanduah, a trio that includes John James Samson on bass and Ryan Whalen on drums. They released a new CD recently called Handful of Gleam. You might be able to order it through Fred’s Records in St. John’s, if you’re curious.

Checkout some performances from the band’s CD release show at the Throwing Stones at You blog. It’s hosted on the site for the local alternative biweekly The Scope (whom I sometimes write CD reviews for).

While we’re at it, a shout-out should be made to Patrick Canning, a local musician/writer/super-fan who has done a great job covering the local music scene with that blog, particularly given all the videos he’s shared on there. Patrick is making a move to Ontario. Bon voyage.

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