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The Death Avengers EP Release

February 17, 2010

New bands are always popping up in Charlottetown, but my favourite new one is The Death Avengers. Comprised of some members of English Words, this quartet is a party with a Casio.

It's the Death Avengers! | Photo by Aimee Power

When I went to their first show, I thought that, well, it was probably going to be similar to Smothered in Hugs. I don’t assume that about every band that shares some members, but they are usually kickin’ around in the same genre.

Interestingly, I was wrong.

The Death Avengers have some memorable guitar solos (the only major similarity to The Hugs/English Words) mixed with some electro-fun beats that make their songs too catchy not to sing. The loops during “Racecar Spacecar” are quick and sharp, while the song “Tinkerbell” has hints of License to Ill.

Seriously, this EP is going to be so weird. DA’s party band quality is what makes them great live, and I really hope this EP can capture that energy they throw around. I can’t wait to buy it and find out.

They release the darn thing on February 20th at Baba’s Lounge.


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